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“We Ask Forgiveness Not Permission”

Chelsea Stanford and Stephanie Smith, Staff Writers

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Through rain, wind, and smoldering Texas heat; through blood, sweat, and blisters the Maroon Guard and White Guard have worked diligently, through it all. Whether it is running the heavy, maroon flags down the field, proudly spelling out PLANO each time a touchdown is scored, or dedicating themselves to week long summer camps to learn discipline and endurance, the Maroon and White Guards add to Plano’s tradition of excellence.

This year, for example, the Maroon Guard has adopted a new motto.

“We Ask Forgiveness, Not Permission. It shows our strength and dedication as a team,” senior captain Bennett Burt said.

Handpicked by Planoette Director Meredith Walraven, the Maroon Guard is comprised of senior boys, who must go through a strenuous tryout process to prove their readiness and willingness to participate on a team. These boys are required to dedicate their time and patience during the summer at line camp with the Planoettes, as well as vigorous after school practices. The Maroon Guard escort the Planoettes at football games, as well as carry the props used during field routines.

“But we’re also there for moral support!” senior Joey Durdin said. “We cheer on the Planoettes all day, at camp, practices, and obviously at the games.”

The Maroon Guard shows its school spirit on and off the field alike; at pep rallies, football games, and at school on game days.

“Some of our responsibilities are throwing t-shirts into the crowd at pep rallies, running the big cool maroon flag and escorting the Planoettes to the restroom at games.” senior Sammy Engelson said.

The Maroon Guard is busy at after school practices, helping the Planoette managers with tasks like making props, and organizing costume closets, but its not all work and no play.

“While it  takes a lot of time and hard work on our part, It’s not so bad spending your time with a drill team full of pretty girls.” senior Brad Balda said.

The Maroon Guard will hold cookouts before each Friday home game. The cookout will start at 3:30 and charge only $2 for food and drinks, and are free to faculty and Planoettes.

“We’ll also be selling spirit wear shirts every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for $10.” Burt said “We encourage all Plano students to get at us and come to the cookouts and the games.”

While the Maroon Guard is busy assisting the Planoettes, the White Guard escort the cheer team. The White Guard also dedicate their time during the summer camp with the squad, learning stunts and routines for football games. A requirement for members of the group is to be in great physical condition to run the flags up and down the field at each Plano game, and perform stunts.

“One of the hardest parts of White Guard is learning the stunts.” senior co-captain Jordy Costen said “Learning back tucks is really hard and takes a lot of practice.”

Another cool thing the White guard participates in is  going out and encouraging younger kids to stay active and always try their best. They work hard to assure a bright future for Plano Senior!” White Guard director Mr. Shaw said.

The White Guard hope to entertain fans at pep rallies and games by performing skits as well as their signature push up sequences at games. The White Guard are also enthusiastic to perform in outreach programs at elementary schools.

“Next time you stand and watch our flags spell out Plano at the football games, or catch one of those sweet maroon t-shirts at a pep rally, think of us” Costen said.

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“We Ask Forgiveness Not Permission”