School during the Coronavirus steps up sanitation

The school sets strict safety protocols for in-school students.


Students wear masks and social-distance while in the classroom.

     After a long four weeks of online learning, some students are returning to school, and with health the highest priority, the district has created some regulations to make students and staff feel safer. 

       “It makes me feel a bit better about [going back to school], knowing that we have to follow those rules and there’s a less chance of anyone getting [coronavirus],” said junior Rachel Verheijen, who is returning to school.

     Firstly, school will look a little different now that some students are returning to school while others are staying home. The students will be split into two groups based on their last names, with cohort A being last names A-L and cohort B with last names M-Z. 

     “I don’t believe that [this system] will work as well because it just makes you a lot more tired from doing calls all day and we don’t get as much work done for synchronous classes when you’re actually in them,” said junior Briar Rose Wilson, who is learning online.

      Students returning to school will be physically present in school on their synchronous days while students remaining online will be in class via Zoom or Google Meet calls. Cohort A has synchronous classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays while cohort B has synchronous classes on Wednesdays and Fridays.

     “It’s easier for me to learn when I’m actually at school because if I have a question, I can just get the answer or [my teacher] can help me understand it more instead of waiting 30 minutes for their response,” says junior Rachel Verheijen, who started in-person school this week. 

     Students and staff must keep six feet apart and wear masks at all times, except when eating as well as use hand sanitizer before entering the school or the classroom. Further health and safety measures include work surfaces being cleansed regularly. 

     “It helps to be in a school environment, which makes it kind of more sad that I don’t feel safe going [to school] right now,” said Wilson.

     In addition to this, there will be a limited number of people allowed in the bathroom at one time and six feet distances will be instilled during lunch time. Lunch will also be provided in prepackaged containers for sanitation concerns. 

     “I enjoy going to school, it’s difficult for me to learn online when I learn better in person,” said Verheijen.

     Students learning online will still attend class, only virtually. Students will go to every class on synchronous days, and attendance will be taken based on participation in class activities and assignments.      

     “It’s more worth it to stay at home because I prefer to feel that my family is as safe as they can be,” said Wilson.

     School looks very different this year with students learning on a computer at home or coming to school with masks, but in the end, it is to keep all students and staff healthy and safe.