The baking spirit

Kathy Santiago, Staff Writer

Any food worth salt knows that good food is an art form. But, nowhere is the term “culinary arts” more appropriate than when it’s applied to the dessert course. Whether making sugar sculptures, constructing elegant wedding cakes, or simply adding that final drizzle of chocolate to the perfect torte, senior Rachel Ruhman knows the importance of good taste.

“Creativity is so important I can’t even stress the word,” Ruhman said. “When I bake, I have to really use my imagination to make pastries and desserts look as good as they taste.”

Not only is Ruhman creativity so vital to her baking, but she also said that her stamina is what keeps her moving and having the energy to create new recipes’. Ruhman usually spends two to three hours on her feet, working with her hands and notices how stamina is the key to strength.

“I’m always working nonstop,” Ruhman said. “You can’t be lazy with baking because when working from scratch, there’s heavy lifting involved like flour bags, kneading dough, and constant mixing. That’s why so many bakers have strong arm muscles.”

Cupcakes are one of the most popular dessert treats loved by all ages and Ruhman adores the different type of flavors that are created like: key lime toasted coconut, lemon buttermilk, chocolate fudge and Choco mint.

“There is truly no end to cupcake making,” Ruhman said. “I have a lot of fun putting my creativity into my work.”

While balancing school work and Ruhman’s hobby for baking, she always found new ways to make other people happy with her treats. Ruhman’s care for baking enable d’s her to build something hands on and then serve that to someone with her knowing that she participated in creating what people enjoy.

“It’s just a win, win situation,” Ruhman said.

Ruhman is not the only student who has the passion to bake; junior Ricky Boyer spends as much time in the kitchen than any other boy who loves to eat. When Boyer was younger, he remarked how the house always smelled of fresh baked dessert whenever his mother baked. Boyer used to practice making homemade chocolate chip cookies and yellow cakes with chocolate icing.

“My mom used to let me experiment with baking and she always encouraged my creativity in the kitchen,” Boyer said.

Entering into high school, Boyer took an interest in singing and joined the school choir. But, whenever Boyer as spare time he thinks of what to bake over the weekend. Boyer enjoys studying dessert recipes and he even lets his family members be the taste tester to his new treats.

“Baking is a gift,” Boyer said. “A gift of baking homemade treats that makes people smile.”

With Ruhman desire to bake cakes and Boyer’s creativity their love for desserts will excel as they go on to create new recipes.

“You just can’t get enough about sweets,” Boyer said.