2013-2014 Wildcat Tales Staff

Ashley Stuber

Staff Writer

Ashley Stuber is a junior and a first year member of the Wildcat Tales.

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Rachel Chen

Copy Editor

Rachel Chen is a senior and the copy editor of the Wildcat Tales. She is still not quite sure what she wants to do with her life, but one day she hopes to travel the world, win a Nobel Peace Prize or become the next Gordon Ramsay.... 

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Rachel Zhang

Staff Writer

Senior Rachel Zhang joined newspaper this year because she was considering majoring in journalism. She moved to Plano from China before her junior year. She likes writing, reading and traveling in her free time.

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Haley Samsel

Featured Columnist

Junior Haley Samsel is an avid writer and frequent blogger. Growing up with an older brother, Haley has developed into quite the sports enthusiast, supporting the Denver Broncos and Dallas Mavericks with great passion. She joined... 

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Madea Neyor

Staff Writer

Madea Neyor is a senior staff member of Wildcat Tales who joined to pursue her passion for journalism. Planning to leave her mark at Plano Sr., Madea is engaged in PALS, Interact Club and is a member of Student Congress. Madea... 

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Torie Brannen

Staff Writer

Junior Torie Brannen, a lover of adventurous novels and former editor of her school yearbook staff, is new to the newspaper world this year. After being a part of the yearbook staff for the past four years, she now aims to see... 

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Stephanee Smith

Staff Writer

Junior Stephanee Smith is a first year member of the Wildcat Tales. Along with her interest in journalism as a potential career, she hopes to improve her writing, get her voice out, and possibly delve into music. In her free time,... 

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Gabrielle Lammons

Featured Columnist

Junior Gabrielle Lammons joined the Wildcat Tales this year because she loves writing and enjoys having her ideas solidified. This year her favorite subject in school is American Studies. Gabrielle loves animals and owns two dogs... 

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Fabiola Cedeno

Featured Columnist

Senior Fabiola Cedeno is a first year staff writer for the Wildcat Tales and is interested in writing features and columns. She has always been interested in writing and was in journalism her junior year. Ever since she wrote... 

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Sonam Benakatti

Staff Writer

Sonam Benakatti is a 16 year old junior. She is the youngest member of her family. She joined this year’s newspaper staff not only because she likes to write, but also because it is a new experience and she wants to meet new... 

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Anna Villano

Staff Writer

      Junior Anna Villano’s true passion lies in sports and medicine, but she took newspaper this year to mix things up. She’s always been a good writer and is looking forward to trying something new. She used... 

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Tehreem Shahab

Layout Editor

Tehreem Shahab is a senior and the layout editor of the Wildcat Tales. She spends a lot of her time flipping through the pages of magazines and looking at their designs. Aside from layout design, her passion lies in writing and... 

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Alexandria Oguntula

Business Manager

Senior Alexandria Oguntula is the Business Manager for the Wildcat Tales.  Her main focus, aside from writing, is psychology. She loves going to plays, cooking and reading just about anything. She hopes to become a lawyer and... 

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Leslie Parker

Social Media Editor

Senior Leslie Parker is a staff writer for the Wildcat Tales. She has loved to write since a very young age. As a kid, Leslie use to go door to door selling her own "novel" made on construction paper with Crayola crayons for a... 

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Alexis Harris

Print Editor

Alexis Harris is a senior and the print editor of the Wildcat Tales. She has loved reading and writing her entire life, from classical literature to poetry and daily readings of The New York Times. She plans on studying social... 

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Priyanka Hardikar

Online Editor

Senior Priyanka Hardikar is looking forward to her second year in newspaper, this year as an editor.  As online editor, she hopes to take the online publication to the next level and bring it more viewers and importance. Her... 

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