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The online edition of the Wildcat Tales was established in the 2009-2010 school year, 64 years after the first issue of the Wildcat Tales was published. The goal of the Wildcat Tales’ online branch  is to move into the current world of journalism with more timely coverage of campus news and student life. While some of the content featured on this website will be continuations of stories published in print, the online branch of the Wildcat Tales prides itself on producing original and timely content that benefits from being published online.

The Wildcat Tales is a publication produced by the journalism students of Plano Senior High School. The opinions expressed in this forum do not necessarily reflect those of the administration of Plano Senior or of the Plano Independent School District.



The Wildcat Tales puts out a print issue eleven times each school year. Want to advertise in a newspaper read by over 2000 students? Email us at [email protected]

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Any complaints, corrections, letters to the editor or story tips can be sent via email to [email protected] If you wish to be anonymous, all letters can be dropped into the box outside of room B208. The Wildcat Tales reserves the right to grammatically correct letters to the editor or trim to fit allotted space.  Story tips will be taken into consideration but are not guaranteed to be printed. Per our policy, all corrections will run immediately in the following issue.


All comments will be moderated by the staff of the Wildcat Tales. We reserve the right to not post any comment for any reason. Comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our staff, adviser, or administration.

The School Newspaper of Plano Senior High School.