Wildcat Tales

Spreading the Good Deeds

Leslie Parker, Featured Columinst

November 5, 2012

There is a place on Harvest Hill that is home to many. They live in a brown brick building with many windows. It stands next to a neighborhood and looks as if it could just be any home. Inside there’s one long hallway with doors...

Enough to break my heart

Rachel Chen, Featured Columnist

October 4, 2012

     The sound of my violin echoes off the wall in an almost-surreal manner. It is 10 times louder in this practice room than the ones I am used to. I feel claustrophobic too, even though this room is bigger. My heart is beating...

A bond through time

Kaitlin Humphrey, Featured Columnist

October 4, 2012

  Staring down at the old oak desk, I imagine how many times my papa sat down and wrote there. I imagine the care and time he put into writing each of his books. I imagine this timeless study in the basement of his home lined...

My silver lining

Lexi Sendejas, Featured Columnist

September 22, 2012

It is not often in life that one’s heart falls to their stomach and the whole world shatters as if it were a simple glass pitcher. No one should really have to experience this, but as I sat in my bed looking over my “junk”...

If I could trade a day for a day

Leslie Parker, Featured Columinst

September 22, 2012

      If  I could trade a day for a day I would trade the worst day of my life for tomorrow, or tomorrow’s tomorrow, or tomorrow tomorrow’s tomorrow’s tomorrow. The worst day of my life was Oct. 9, 2011. I re...

The magic of senior year

Danielle Deraleau, Featured Columnist

May 21, 2012

     In the years leading up to 12th grade, I had always heard that senior year would be the best year of my life. I heard it at parties I attended with my parents when they told people I was in high school. I heard it from re...

Free to be me

Haley Bunnell, Featured Columnist

May 10, 2012

     My eyes were fixed to the fierce, bold girl leading songs unknown to me as she yelled at the top of her lungs, “Y, YO, YOU, UNITY, UNITY, WE ARE THE YOUTH OF UNITY!” She screamed and the group repeated her after every...

Guaranteed Free Checking

Danielle Deraleau, Staff Writer

May 3, 2012

     I was bored. Incredibly bored. I was also feeling lazy, and for lack of something better to do, had downed almost an entire box of cookies. While pacing the kitchen and trying to figure out what to do with myself, I became...

My Second Home

Haley Bunnell, Staff Writer

April 20, 2012

     The two story house is quiet at 9 a.m. on Sunday. I open my door and tip toe downstairs to make sure I don’t wake anyone up and pop some potato bread in the toaster. I scavenge the pantry finding 10 Gatorade bottles...

Forecast: Blizzard warning

Danielle Deraleau, Featured Columnist

April 19, 2012

   It’s easiest if I just come out and say it- my dad and I are addicted to Blizzards.      The love of this frozen treat was instilled in me by him from an early age. I can recall moments of glee when he asked me if...

The purpose of pen and paper

Alyssa Matesic, Staff Writer

April 19, 2012

The journal was blank. Holding a blue pen in my hand, I sat down on my bed and opened up to the first page. I tried to focus, but the pen still slipped and wobbled around between my fingers. I tried to remember my capitalization...

The Black Suit

Kathy Santiago, Staff Writer

April 5, 2012

His suit brought tears to my mother’s eyes. His suit projected the future waiting for him. His suit was his new image. My older brother will soon leave the family household to enter into the business world where reality is as...