Wildcat Tales

If You Really Knew Me:The Unraveled Life

Haley Bunnell, Staff Writer

May 16, 2011

     Imagine a life with no car, no new clothes, no mom and dad saying they love you, limited money, and cut opportunities. Junior Jazmine Tubbs lives a life where those wants are not met. Currently Jazmine lives with her...

iPhones: Flipping You the Bird

Diva Gulati, Staff Writer

May 16, 2011

Anybody who owns an iPhone or an iPod Touch can attest to this fact: apps are the best way to waste time. There are apps for everything: education, organization, you name it. But one of the most popular genres of apps is games, and recent...

Jobs Jobs Jobs!

Clarissa Reeves, Staff Writer

May 13, 2011

     Not every student can live their summer off their parents credit cards. Students all over get jobs during the summer to help pay for their summer expenses such as tanning, food, concerts, shopping and other summer things...

Percussion Prepares for Performances: Spectacular Spettacolo

Jessica Yee, Staff Writer

May 13, 2011

     As the end of the school year gets close to wrapping up, several organizations on campus make preparations to finish with the best memories. Spettacolo, that is Italian for show or performance, is the time of the year...

California’s Pride: In N’ Out Burger Makes its Way to Texas

Elena Nelson, Staff Writer

May 13, 2011

     Yes, we’ve all heard the word. California’s pride is coming to Texas. When you drive by you read building signs that say ‘coming soon… In N’ Out Burger’ your mind instantly thinks ‘YES’, and you can’t...

Awkward Shows we Love to Hate

Meaghan Pulliam, Staff Writer

May 13, 2011

My Strange Addiction Blurb      The new and interesting TV series, My Strange Addiction, featured on the TLC Network, is anything but short of its name. The show follows seemingly normal people in their everyday routines...

Eat or Not to Eat?

Amber Robinson, Staff Writer

May 13, 2011

     With bathing suit season just around the corner, the time has come to shed those last few winter pounds. So, for those who prefer the quick trip to the closest fast food restaurant, what does this mean? Forget the burger...

Ke$ha Concert

Anna Vicars, Staff Writer

May 13, 2011

     Glitter. The one word that describes the entire concert. Located at the House of Blues in Dallas, singer/songwriter, Ke$ha, performed at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 26. Although the House of Blues is quaint, that did not...

Students react to Osama bin Laden’s Death

Daniel Hinson, Staff Writer

May 12, 2011

During President Obama’s address to the nation on May 8, 2011, he told the nation that “Justice has been done” and Osama bin Laden had been killed during a top secret operation earlier that day. All across the nation, near...

Construction Photos

May 12, 2011

“Happy Endings” Review

Laurel Guild, Staff Writer

May 12, 2011

     Six friends; one homosexual guy, one heartbroken man, one runaway bride, one really outgoing girl, one control freak, and one guy that just goes with the flow.      Happy Endings is a fairly new show that comes...

E-School Causes Graduation Troubles

Alex Gonzalez, Staff Writer

May 12, 2011

Technology has made the education of oneself easier. However, electronic school can also present a lot of setbacks. One of these setbacks is deadlines. Like regular school, E-School takes grades and these grades must be in the...