“Happy Endings” Review

Laurel Guild, Staff Writer

     Six friends; one homosexual guy, one heartbroken man, one runaway bride, one really outgoing girl, one control freak, and one guy that just goes with the flow.

     Happy Endings is a fairly new show that comes on every Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. It is safe to say that it is already one of the relatively few shows that I thoroughly enjoy.

     The first episode started out with a bang. Two of the six best friends featured are getting married, but the bride ends up leaving the groom to go and “find herself.” From there, the show just keeps getting better.

     The show goes on, portraying how the two characters that were going to get married, Dave and Alex, try to cope with still having the same best friends, while still seeing each other everyday and trying to get along at the same time.

     The show has one favorite character for anyone to love. Penny, a girl that has a little too much “flavor,” is someone that is so outgoing, you just can’t help but laugh. Max, the gay guy, is so blunt sometimes it could almost make someone cry from fits of laughter. Then, there is Dave and Alex, the two ex-fiancés that are still trying work things out after a wedding catastrophe. On top of that, Jane and her husband, Brad making conversation that is so honest yet weird at the same time, so you can’t help but laugh. 

     Each episode gets a little, may I say, kookier. It goes from the wedding scene, to the next episode where Dave and Max buy a Nerf gun and are trying to “shoot” their neighbor, which, most will say, is definitely entertaining.  

     Whether it is the groom that was left on the stage, Dave, lying on his couch alone singing, or the straightest homosexual guy you’ll ever see, Max, making some kind of ostentatious, rude, and basically blunt comment, this show never makes you want to turn it off.

     Happy Endings is a show that any teenager or adult would like. It really never gets boring and makes you want to skip right through the commercials to get to the next part. I definitely recommend this to most.