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Students selected for Texas All-State Choir

Julie Reynolds, Online Editor-in-chief

January 17, 2018

Cannon McClure – 1st chair Brandt Coffey – 1st chair Cole Clary – 4th chair Michael Nguyen – 6th chair

BPA Regional Competition qualifiers

Julie Reynolds, Online Editor-in-chief

January 17, 2018

33 students competed in the competition last Saturday, 19 of them will advance to the State level competition on Feb. 28 - March 3 in Corpus Christi. Please congratulate the following students: State Qualifiers Can Zhang ...

5 plano band become members of All-State Esemble

Julie Reynolds, Online Editor-in-chief

January 16, 2018

Please congratulate the following students for their achievements in the Texas All-State Band: Kenny Huang Manuel Saeb Rodriguez Kevin Li Pablo Romero Colin Tidwell These students will perform at the Texas Music...

Netflix’s The Punisher is violent, action-packed

Caitlyn Moudy, Staff Writer

January 11, 2018

The Punisher, a new TV-MA Marvel Netflix series, came out with a compelling storyline about an ex-military man Frank Castle, on  Nov. 17.       Viewers of Daredevil will recognize the main character, Frank Castle, who made hi...

Female leads still have long way to go

Regan Munstedt, Opinion Editor

January 11, 2018

    Strong and confident female leads have been evident in television for years, and superhero movies have started to catch on, but still have a long way to go so that women have the representation they deserve.      ...

Teens turn to fictional heroes instead of looking up to politicians

Lauren Girgis, Editor-in-chief

January 11, 2018

    President Trump has continued to berate opposition members and make offensive faux pas, and the era of looking up to political leaders is over as many adolescents turn ot heroes on the big screen instead.    ...

Superhero stance proven to boost self-esteem

Abbey Cole, Staff Writer

January 11, 2018

    Striking a superhero pose is the best way to win over a girl or pass a test since posing like a superhero increases confidence and self-esteem.     The stereotypical superhero stance in comics and movies is whe...

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