Superhero stance proven to boost self-esteem

Abbey Cole, Staff Writer

    Striking a superhero pose is the best way to win over a girl or pass a test since posing like a superhero increases confidence and self-esteem.

    The stereotypical superhero stance in comics and movies is when a hero has their feet apart and their hands on their hips with a straight back. The pose makes the hero look powerful and dominant, but it also has scientific effects on the human body.

    Psychology Today said that assuming the superhero pose will lead the brain to shift hormonal gears and create a high-power hormonal pattern by increasing the testosterone levels in the body. Participants who assumed a low-power pose had an increase in cortisol, a stress hormone.

    In a study done by American social psychologist Amy Cuddy, participants were told to have open posture positions. The outcome of her study proved the statement by Psychology Today to be correct.

    Having a powerful superhero posture can also help people succeed in real life situations. News website Creativity Post said that the chemical change that occurs while a person maintains the power pose can also help in job interviews.

    A Harvard study told one group to hold a power pose and the other group to assume lower power positions in preparation of a mock interview. The mock interviewers hired members from the power pose group.

    In Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk about power posing, she reveals experiences that others had with the superhero pose. A high school teacher that Cuddy interviewed said that after introducing the power pose to his AP students, a student who usually was nervous about tests started doing better on tests.

     Next time a nervous student is preparing for a test, or a job interview, try striking a superhero pose. The results are proven to be successful.