Student Congress starts Smoothie Week

This week Student Congress is selling smoothies for $2 each during both lunches. As a member of the ‘Blend Team’, senior Brooks Ruhman is one of the students heading the event and said inspiration for the week came from Smoothie Appreciation Club. In the 2009-2010 school year, the club was one of the largest organizations at Plano, but has disappeared since.

“It is kind of a throwback to that,” Ruhman said. “But it’s a little bit different from theirs because they had smoothie day on stay day and we are going for a whole week this time with different flavors each day.”

While the smoothies are fun, there is an important purpose behind it.

“This is part of a bigger thing,” Ruhman said. “We are raising money to add to the ‘Clean the Pond fund.’ We are not going to get it all done with this one, but hopefully with more projects we will be able to fill up the fund.”

As the week rounds out, Ruhman already knows what his favorite part of the experience has been.

“The most fun I had was going to Sam’s,” Ruhman said. “Collecting all the fruit, covering our friends with it and piling it in the car was great.”