Drill Team Officers announced for 2014-2015

The new officer and sergeant line for the 2014-2015 Planoettes Drill Team was announced after their audition Friday, Feb. 21. The girls trying out received packets back in November to start working on the essentials for the audition, such as choreographing a solo, choreographing for a small group, getting community service hours, making a binder of their thoughts and ideas and more. In total, nine officers and three sergeants made it through the auditions.

Junior Savanna Hintz made captain of the drill team, meaning she has the highest position on the team. Hintz said she always knew she wanted to be captain for the Planoettes one day.

“I knew when I was really young I wanted to be captain because I couldn’t get my eyes off the girl in the sparkly white uniform,” Hintz said. “I asked my mom why she looked different from everyone else, and she said it was because she was the captain. Ever since then, that’s what I wanted to be.”

Some of the girls going through the tryout process, including junior Elizabeth Garvie, who made 1st lieutenant, said they were nervous about the results.

“It was scary dealing with the unknown and preparing yourself that you might not get a position,” Garvie said.

According to Hintz, one of the challenges she faced while the auditions were approaching was focusing on other things besides the audition and keeping the right balance between school and drill team. Junior Sarah Tseggay, who made senior lieutenant, said that the support from her family and friends helped her ease her stress. She is now looking forward to the new year with the Planoettes.

“I’m really excited to help the team and bond with my fellow officers.” Tseggay said. “I’m also really excited for officer camp, because we get to work on our dance and leadership abilities.”

Previously the captain of the Clark Cougarettes, Hintz’s future role as the captain of the Planoettes will have its differences.

“I think it will be very different because there are lot more girls and more responsibilities,” Hintz said. “Rather than leading only sophomores, it’s a mixture of grades.”

For Tseggay, moving up from her current position as a line member to lieutenant will also have its changes.

“I have a leadership role as a lieutenant and will be able to help the team out with corrections and being a leader,” Tseggay said. “It’s also a bigger time commitment.”

Garvie said that the line of nine officers will be enjoyable, even if it’s a bigger group of officers.

“I think it’s really cool to be able to share this experience with more people,” Garvie said. “Since there are more of us, we can balance out the responsibilities together.”