Science fair contestants place at state competition

♦ 1st place: Monisha Veerapaneni

Identification of Hoxc11 as a Negative Regulator for Thrombopoiesis using

 3rd place: Jessica Hong

Synthesis of Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas (PMOs) for Radiotherapeutic and Chemotherapeutic Treatments

 3rd and the Yale Award: Vivianne Tu and Claire Goeckner-Wald

 Rockets and Pressure: The Study of Rocket Fin Sizes and Their Effect on the Center of Pressure

 3rd and the Council of Statisticians Award: Pranaav Sudheendra

♦ Ahneesh Mohanty – South Texas Chapter Health Physics Society 

 The Use of MnSOD in Combined Modality Therapy to Sensitize Lung Cancer Cells to Ionizing Radiation and Chemotherapy 

 Rahul Dhir, Afshan Irani and Ryan Shu – Earth Day award and Texas Academy of Audiology Award

A Novel Method for Optimizing the Energy Efficiency of Sound Proof Windows