Stay Day ready to wow

Food trucks and live entertainment galore


Ashley Brockette

Juniors Bryan St. John, Kasi Schiffer and Mary Campbell enjoy watching one of the performances while eating Chinese food during the spring Stay Day last year. (photo by Ashley Brockette)

Food trucks and live entertainment galore

With Stay Day taking place on Nov. 2, students are excited for the festivities of this school tradition.

For those unaware, Stay Day is an event that happens twice a year, once per semester, where various food trucks come by the school and sell different food items. Instead of going off campus for lunch, students are able to stay on campus and enjoy their meal, in addition to student hosted activities.

Student Congress (STUCO) has been working hard to prepare for the first Stay Day of this school year and is excited to present all of their hard work. Even with the delays, STUCO is expecting this year’s Stay Day to be great.

There will be eight different food trucks, including; Dillas, Dubs, Ruthies, Steel City Pops, Panda Express, Dippin’ Dots, Spin CitySushi, and Nemo’s Sandwiches. In addition to food trucks, various clubs will be selling food as well, so students are encouraged to bring about $20 in order to get the most out of Stay Day as far as trying different things.

“Student Council is not the only club who benefits from Stay Day,” said teacher Megan Bourgeois.

Clubs such as DECA, She’s the First and the Theatre Booster Club will be selling cookies and other various baked goods. BPA will be selling nachos, FANS will be selling turkey legs and the German Club will be making waffles.

“Stay Day is a great chance for clubs to show what they’re made of,” senior Savannah Parlett said.

Since all of these events are going to be outside, it is suggested for students to bring their jackets.

“Even if it’s 20 degrees outside we’ll still do it, as long as it’s not raining,” STUCO sponsor Steve Leonard said.

Due to the previous delays, STUCO is set on getting this event done and done well. The ASL Club will be hosting a Candy Walk and STUCO committees will be operating various midway games.

Performers in jazz band will be using Stay Day as a chance to share their music with the rest of the student body.

“Jazz band always performs by the pond,” Parlett said. “If you can find a seat, it is definitely worth giving them a listen.” Guitar Club will also be providing live music for the event.

“Stay Day is an excellent break from the norm and helps students and staff feel more connected with each other,” Bourgeois said.