Volleyball playoff game

Maddie Patton, Sports Columnist

The volleyball team’s season has gone very well and their experience moving toward the state championship is even better. On Friday, Nov. 2, Plano played Rowlette in their second playoff game, and in order to move on, they had to win. There was a full crowd of fans and parents supporting the girls onto their victory.

The team started out strong by putting their best players in. Juniors Aubrey Davis, Natalie Fazio, Kylie Long and seniors Lauren Stahlman and Audrey Landry started the game.  Landry kicked off the game with a powerful serve. After several volleys back and forth, Davis spiked the ball, putting the first score on the scoreboard. Rowlette then gained 4 points after Plano made some mistakes, missing passes and hitting the ball out of bounds. Senior Madison Morell was put in to push the team more. Fazio served the ball, which was stopped by the opponent’s setter. Plano used trick hits to successfully confuse the other team. The score quickly escalated and ended with a Plano victory of 25 to 21.

In the first few minutes of the second period, Rowlette already had 2 points on Plano. Long traumatized the other team with her serves which put Plano in the lead.

Plano fell behind in score but fought back. The girls were at their best today and would stop at nothing to keep the ball up. Tag teaming of Landry and Long finished the period. The score was 25 to 17.

Seconds into the final period Fazio hit the ball straight to the ground, sending the crowd to its feet. Senior Scotte Busche was there to cheer the team on, waving a Plano flag. Junior Sheila Kiley entered the game, taking the place of Landry, the starting setter. The third period went very fast and before I knew it, the score was at 25, leaving Rowlette behind 13 points.

It was a successful game. The team never lost focus or energy throughout the entire game. Their work ethic and determination during the games was the root of their success during the season.

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