Varsity Girls Basketball: Plano vs. Sachse Recap

The Lady Wildcats varsity basketball team celebrated a comeback win against Sachse with a victorious score of 45-31.  With this, the girls now stand at a record of 8-3.

The first half of the game was high in energy on both sides of the court. Sachse showed tight, swarming defense and solid post players full of blocks and rebounds. Their offense stayed ready, but Plano knew how to take control. The Wildcats quickly took the lead, ending with 16-6 by the end of the first quarter. Consistent rebounds from senior Ogo Obinabo and abundant three pointers from senior Kylee Guthrie, senior Courtney Loveland, and sophomoreYasmine Samadzada allowed the team to stay ahead for the rest of the half, ending with a score of 30-16.

The second half, though less up-tempo, was still full of solid plays that would ultimately lead to the Lady Wildcats’ victory. Junior Kara Mitchell solidified the lead in the third quarter with five successful fast breaks. This evidently tired out Sachse’s defense and allowed Plano to stall for much of the half. Though fouls were more plentiful in the later quarters of the game, there was just enough organization to seal the win for Plano.

With another triumph, Samadzada is eager to face the rest of the season and determined to have many more similar victories in the future.

“Coming from a loss, this win allows us to fuel back up,” Samadzada said. “It keeps us encouraged for the rest of the season.”