Varsity girls basketball: Plano vs. Plano East recap


Photo taken by Brooke Stene.

The Lady Wildcats ended their second game against Plano East with a winning score of 56-35. Their district record now sits at 6-2 and their overall record at 22-7.

The bleachers were full of fans from both teams, including Plano’s feeder school basketball teams. Excitement was high as the seniors of the team were introduced with their loved ones before the game, in celebration of Senior Night. The game began just as energetically with quick ball movement from both teams. Careful defense was essential to stop the up-tempo offense, eventually leading to East’s struggles to finish their many attempted layups. Senior Ogo Obinabo was ruthless under the basket, rebounding with great ferocity and scoring eight points in the first quarter alone. Numerous assists and jump shots from junior Kara Mitchell widened the gap in the score. East, scoreless until five minutes into the game, consistently lagged behind by at least ten points throughout the entire first half, ending it at 28-14.

The successfully executed offensive plays from Plano remained consistent as the second half opened. Fouls became more abundant as both teams evidently became more tired. East crept up to double bonus early on in the fourth quarter, giving the Lady Wildcats even more trips to the line and, as a result, more points. With a 21 point win, Plano defeated East for the second time in district play.