First day thoughts

“Senior year is different from junior year, and it’ll take awhile to get used to it” ~ Senior Abarnaa VS

“I have friends in my classes for a change! It’s terrifying but exciting” ~ Senior Jenny Huang

“I was walking down the sidewalk and I got chased by a Chihuahua” ~ Senior Saira Khan

“It’s hectic. I got a crick in my neck” ~ Junior Samer Amous

“It’s really boring and uneventful” ~ Senior Philipp Moeller

“It’s just a normal day – kind of feels like it’s last year again” ~ Senior Muqtadaa Miandara

“I saw a guy with eyeliner on” ~ Senior Rachel Boudreaux

“First day of school is always strange” ~ Senior Vivian Nguyen

“The very first period there’s a little bit of anxiety, but it’s nice to know new kids; there’s a new energy” ~ Ami Dalal

“The first day has been interesting, except I think my arms are going to fall off from the amount of textbooks I have to carry” ~ Senior Celeste Boduch

“In math they assigned math homework on the first day, and it’s like no, I’m not going to remember all of that” ~ Senior Tiara Conley

“I’ve had better first days but today could’ve been worse” ~ Senior Avital Gurman

“Juniors need to learn the flow of the hallways; they block everything” ~ Senior Christian Mendez

“I don’t know what to expect, but I’m happy to be a senior about to graduate” ~ Senior Macy Morrow