Wildcat Tales

A leggings epidemic

Rachel Chen, Featured Columnist

March 8, 2013

     There was a terrible rumor spreading through the halls of Wilson Middle School – leggings were going to be banned. As far as we were concerned, there was no logical basis behind this ban. As long as our clothes were...

Lost in a crowd

Leslie Parker, Featured Columist

February 8, 2013

Sometimes it doesn’t take a swarm of people for me to become lost in a crowd. Sometimes I get lost when I’m just with a group of friends at lunch. It’s a different kind of lost, though. In crowds I can lose little pieces...

Fashionistas of the Fall

Sofia Toohey, Staff Writer

October 6, 2010

     Yupp, I’m afraid it’s that time. Toss out your short shorts, flip flops, rompers, and tanks because autumn is finally here! I know we all miss summer, but hey, no worries, I have good news. Although now we have se...

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