Fashionistas of the Fall

Sofia Toohey, Staff Writer

Photo Credit: Fossil, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom

     Yupp, I’m afraid it’s that time. Toss out your short shorts, flip flops, rompers, and tanks because autumn is finally here! I know we all miss summer, but hey, no worries, I have good news. Although now we have seven hours of school and homework each day, at least we can look good while doing it.

     You might not even have to exceed your budget with a whole new wardrobe to make the summer to fall transformation this year. Summer dresses can easily be carried from season to season with the addition of layers. This season’s optimal layer? Light cardigans in all colors imaginable. Embroidery isn’t just for your grandma anymore. If you want to liven up a plain dress with more than just a different solid color, opt for an interesting embroidered pattern or crotched sleeves. These can be found in numerous places, including Anthropology.

      Florals this fall remain to be an untouchable style with an endless vibe. To add a feminine sense to your look, flowers will always do. However, moving into the year, avoid the summer neons and hot pinks and move toward more neutral warm colors including soft oranges, navys, reds, blush pink, military green, and gold. If you still want your ‘wow!’ color, be sure to pair it with a calmer color partner to even out the outfit.

     High waisted skirts also remain timeless and an all around flattering look. To get your waist down to its tiniest point and to make a statement, turn to an assortment of belts, as seen at places like Nordstrom or even Target. Whether thick or thin, the point is to define your figure. Also with the high waisted skirts, or even dresses, be sure to pair them up with tights of all different colors and patterns. Why stick to boring solid blacks when you can mix it up with a crazy design. Go bold with this statement and use it as a tool to show off your legs.

     Now I know some of you still have those days where all you want to feel is comfortable. Well now your time has come. The billowy one shoulder sweatshirt of the eighties has come full circle and can be seen around campus today. Pair it with sweats or even leggings and manage to look good while feeling good. It’s perfect for the occasional comfort day, or just when you need to save a couple minutes of your time.

     Speaking of saving time, another tip that relates to this season’s look involves your hair. Skip out on the damaging straightener or curling iron and go with your natural, letting your natural waves thrive. This is complimented by the natural autumn hues and will freshen up your look. So be sure to skip out on that extra hour of primping and instead catch some sleep.

     As far as shoes go, you have a wide variety of choices to complete your look. Ditch your sandals for flats, accessorizing them with a cute bow or buckle, or maybe even a fun print. If you can work heels, they are always a plus and lengthen your legs. The new Urban Outfitter lace-up booties are a hit and will definitely be seen in fashion this fall. Keep your Uggs stored in your closet for now until winter and go for more practical and stylish boots ranging from cowboy (Taylor Swift look) to suede or worker boots. Worn with tights, boots can really be a nice touch.

     So as you can see, you have lots of different paths to choose this fall. But a direction I would make sure to follow? Whatever look you go with, make it you. Because your best accessory you can find is always your individuality.