Jeffrey Kim: Mr. Key Club

Photo by Lydia Sebany

Photo by Lydia Sebany

Kim is involved with Student Congress, Business Professionals of America, National Honors Society and Environmental Club. His favorite basketball teams are the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks, and he wants to become a comedian.

Q: What the most terrifying moment of your life?

A: I have a fear of frogs. One time, I was walking my dog in the dark. It was in the shadows, and I could see something like a rock. My dog kept sniffing it. I turned on the flashlight, I saw the frog and all of a sudden it jumped towards me. The thing is, when I walk my dog, I don’t use a  leash. I sprinted away and the dog was still sniffing the frog. I came back, though.

Q: Who’s your role model?

A: I have multiple. One is my mom because she works a lot. My other one is actor Ken Jeong, because he went to medical school and got his Ph.D., but then five years later he took a different career path to do something he loved, which was acting. My last role model is a director by the name of Quentin Tarantino because he’s really passionate about what he does.

Q: If you could bring someone back to life, who would it be?

A: John F. Kennedy, because everyone loved him and he’s a babe. I would want to know his pick-up lines.