Saarem Azmat: Mr. StuCo


Photo by Lydia Sebany

Azmat is involved in Student Congress and dedicates a lot of his time to color guard. He wants to go to graduate school and major in physics. He is an assistant choreographer for the Clark High School color guard and is representing Student Congress in the pageant.

Q: What was the most terrifying moment of your life?

A: It was Halloween in Ohio, I was seven and dressed as Spider-man. I was walking down the street and I was just happily holding my candy. There was another Spider-man walking down the street. There was a showdown between us. We were just staring each other down. It was terrifying wondering who would be the better Spider-man, and then we walked up and nodded to each other. There was an aura of bro Spider-man nodding, and despite the terror, I pulled through. No matter what happens, I would still be the better Spider-man. I truly believe that.

Q: What’s your favorite music genre/artist?

A: I listen to a lot of alternative music. If you ever see me driving in my car you’ll probably see me doing weird jerky motions, but that’s just me dancing.

Q: If you could bring someone back to life, who would it be?

A: Abraham Lincoln, I have this weird thing with speeches that are super minimal. You can have a huge impact with a few words, and that’s basically what Abraham Lincoln did.