“Foam N’ Glow” rave promises fun for Halloween


Joey Vitalari

Photo from foamnglow.com.

Nina Dillon, Staff Writer

Foam, strobe lights and beating hearts will overflow QuikTrip Stadium in Grand Prairie on Halloween Night. “Foam N’ Glow is the world’s largest foam Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, rave concert that’s currently on tour. Various artists such as New World Sound, Waka Flocka Flame, Grandtheft and many more will perform.

According to the Foam N’ Glow website, they promised their fans an even bigger show on Oct. 31. The concert will consist of exhilarating performers, special effects and a new foam glow blast with various different colors.

“It was pretty intense,” senior Johnathan Barasa said. “There were so many people. It was a pretty rad experience.”

Due to Foam N’ Glow advertising their new breathtaking special effects and guaranteeing an ultimate foam experience, people all over the metroplex will be attending — including Wildcats.

“I’m really excited,” senior Jax Evans said. “I’ll be lost in a trance in the music the whole night and I’m sure I’ll be sweating bullets. I want them to squirt the foam cannon all over my face. I’m honestly so stoked. Foam is tight.”

Junior Hayes Schmitt said he enjoys blasting EDM music with the windows down while he’s driving. He will also be attending Foam N’ Glow with a group of his friends.

“I just get really happy when I listen to EDM,” Schmitt said. “I like to move around and dance. It’s really fun.”

EDM rave concerts consist of music that makes people close their eyes, put their hands up and dance to the beat of music. It’s music that allows a person to get lost with the rest of the crowd.

“I’m expecting some foam,” Schmitt said. “I’ve never been, but I’ve heard stories about it on Twitter so I’m excited. People should come.”