Planoettes to host dinner, silent auction this Saturday


The Planoettes perform at halftime during the Oct. 11 game against Plano East. Photo by Terry Quinn.

Gabrielle Lammons, Staff Writer

The Planoettes are often called the ‘Pride of Plano’, and from performing at football games in the fall to competing in the spring, they take part in numerous events throughout the year. According to drill team director Meredith Walraven, competing in different contests and putting on the Spring Show come with a high price tag.

“We have 75 girls on the team,” Walraven said. “We have to pay for all their props, costumes and contest entry fees. It’s really expensive for that many girls. We fundraiser to help alleviate that cost from the girls.”

The Planoettes have three big fundraisers every year, including selling mums for Homecoming, an annual golf tournament, and a dinner combined with a silent auction. While the annual golf tournament was last weekend, the dinner and silent auction fundraiser are on Nov. 8. According to junior Emily Robicheaux, the Planoettes have a lot of opportunities to get involved.

“Some Planoettes are performing at the golf tournament and at the silent auction so that’s pretty much what we do,” Robicheaux said. “We like to provide some entertainment.”

In her second year as director, Walraven formed the golf tournament after one of the Planoette’s mom suggested it.

“We were looking for a fundraiser that was going to produce a good amount of money for not a lot of time,” Walraven said.

The golf tournament and the dinner with a silent auction used to be combined into one event. Last year Walraven decided to split them into two separate occasions. Walraven said the golf tournament took a hit because of this.

“The split worked great for the dinner and silent auction,” Walraven said. “We don’t know if less attendance at the golf tournament was solely because of just breaking the events apart. The weekend of the golf tournament last year fell on the same weekend as the Texas-OU game.”

The Planoettes were encouraged to get golfers for the tournament, or find sponsors for it. During this event and the silent auction and dinner, the Planoettes perform dances that will be in their spring show and take to contest.

“These events a preview of what’s to come in the spring semester for our families and friends,” Walraven said.