Taylor Swift takes listeners back to “1989”

Stephanee Smith, Staff Writer

I got into the car, put Swift’s newest album “1989” in and turned the music so loud that I couldn’t hear anyone or anything but her. I immediately became entranced with the modern style and angelic voice.

Photo from taylorswift.com.
Photo from taylorswift.com.

The first of the thirteen songs on the CD is called “Welcome to New York.” The song had great lyrics, a fast tempo and an incredible intro. It had a completely different style than her older songs. Through the lyrics of the song, Swift revealed a transition of a singer wobbling between country and pop to a more modern and popular style. I couldn’t decide whether I should dance or focus on how excited I was to hear her sing something newer.

The second track of the album, “Blank Space,” was one of my favorite songs. This song, like the first, starts off at a fast tempo and amazing rhythm that went straight into the staccato first verse. My first reaction was to sing along, so I was immediately disappointed that I didn’t know the lyrics. The chorus was extremely catchy and although I didn’t know the lyrics at first, for days after listening to the album I couldn’t stop humming the tune. The song embraced the simplicity and deceit of relationships that a majority of youths continuously chase after. Although I had expected her to write about relationships, it was a nice song that was well written.

As the album progressed I ran into track nine, “Wildest Dreams.” It was and is my absolute favorite song on Swift’s album. As a slower song, the style was completely different than anything I had ever imagined her singing. I immediately thought of Lana Del Rey. My friend, who had similar feelings toward the song, brought to my attention that it sounded a lot like Lana’s song “Without You.” Stylistically, the songs are very similar. At first I was a little confused and frustrated, but I couldn’t help to fall in love the beautifully presented song.

The album was the complete opposite from any of her older albums through its stylistic and rhythmic changes. I loved a lot of her older songs and albums, especially songs from her album “Fearless”, but I was beyond impressed with her newest album. I just can’t wait for her next one.