Winter musical presents 1920’s ambiance

Shida Khorrami, Staff Writer

    Plano Theatre has begun rehearsing for their current show, Nice Work if You Can Get It, which incorporates students from both theatre, and across campus.

    “I love how fun this show has already become. I love playing my character and how close the cast has already gotten,” Senior Andrew Sheffield said.

    Nice Work if You Can Get It, a comedic musical,  is set in the 1920s and portrays the luxurious lifestyle of a man named Jimmy Winter. Winter, a wealthy player, meets  a bootlegger gal by the name of Billie Bendix, the weekend before marrying his fifth wife, Eileen Evergreen.

   Lance Morse, the theatre director, said that the upcoming musical will be bigger and even better than last year’s musical Legally Blonde. His vision for the show has been running smoothly, and he works to better the show daily.

        “I haven’t seen too many versions of this show performed before, so I’m excited to see how the show will turn out,” Morse said.

     Sheffield, who  plays Chief Barthdomew, said he enjoys attending rehearsals and is proud of his success so far in the show.  

    “The show is going pretty well. We have a great mix of people playing the main characters, and that makes the long process of blocking,memorizing and run throughs all the more fun,” Sheffield said.

   In addition, Sheffield said he is ecstatic about the upcoming performances because he has connected with his character so much. To him, it is almost as if he has truly become his character on and off stage.

    “I’ve gotten so many compliments ever since I’ve been casted. Some of my theatre friends have told me I’ve never broken character throughout the show,” Sheffield said.

   Even senior stage manager CJ Schofield is feeling confident in the upcoming show. She is busy assisting actors by making sure they have everything they need. Schofield also  enjoys building relationships between actors, especially when they didn’t know each other originally.

    “It’s really amazing when everybody comes together and the show itself is coming along together really well,” Schofield said.

    Junior Audrey Reidling, a member of the women’s chorus, is performing in her first show with Plano Theatre. Reidling is a part of Chamber choir and has been involved with theatre since middle school. She is excited to be part of the women’s chorus for the show.

    “This is my first show here and it’s so exciting. The cast is so sweet, and I feel like it’s going to be a great turn out,” Reidling said.

    Hana Lone, also a junior chorus member, is rehearsing almost everyday, to ensure each dance number is perfect. Despite there being 30 cast members in the show, the chorus makes up for most of that. The chorus holds a key role in the show’s whole performance, so each member is working hard  to create a polished performance for the upcoming show.

   “Being part of the chorus is a lot of work. I dance everyday to make sure each dance number is clean and fun for the audience to watch,” Lone said.

   Senior Erin Gayan is a student choreographer and dance captain for the show. She helps create the dance numbers and teach them to the rest of the cast. Gayan is also a chorus girl and always helps out whatever is needed from her throughout the show.

    “I help with the brainstorming and creation of the dance numbers throughout the show. Aside from assisting in choreographing, I’m part of the chorus, so I get to perform in the actual show as well,” Gayan said.

    Throughout the musical, there are four large dance numbers that consist of the whole cast. This year’s show even has a part including members of the Planoettes. Nice Work if You Can Get It allows for dancers, singers and actors to be involved throughout the show.

    “There’s a really cool number with the Planoettes, which is very exciting. I have to work hard planning it with the other dance captain, senior Maddi Curry, to make sure it fits the theme and layout of the show,” Gayan said.

    Dance teacher Danny Lozano and the student choreographers are in charge of completing the choreography. Everybody works together and creates new dance routines to fit each scene.

    “We work very well together, and it’s been such a great experience developing movement that fits the time period as well as the story,” Gayan said.

   Nice Work if You Can Get It will be performed from Jan. 19 – 21 in the Doyle Dean Performing Arts Center.