Art Honors Society Competition results

Julie Reynolds, Online Editor

The Art department is proud to announce the results of the National Art Honors Society Competition that took place on Feb. 4. Please Congratulate the following:


YOUNG MASTERS EXHIBIT (Dallas Museum of Art, February 25th – April 16th)

Tyler Edmonson (Junior – AP 2D Design)

Zhiyuan Fan (Junior – AP 2D Design)

Joy Lian (Senior – AP 2D Design)

Karina Ramirez (Senior – AP Drawing)


Claire Gustafson (Senior – AP 2D Design): 2 Honorable Mention Awards

VASE (Visual Art Scholastic Event – Regional) – artworks advancing to State VASE

Joey Bourgeois (Senior, AP Drawing)

Emily Crusius (Senior, AP 3D Design)

India Ferguson (Senior, AP Drawing) **two artworks**

Joy Lian (Senior, AP 2D Design)