Stay cool this summer


Cinemark theater (Photo by Grace Tsichlis)

Grace Tsichlis, Staff Writer

    As the school year comes to an end, students find themselves with infinitely more time for fun activities, and contrary to popular belief, there are many exciting things to do in Plano and Dallas that will create a memorable summer.

    Eating out with friends is the perfect way to have a great time together. There is a revolving sushi bar, Kula, located on Legacy. Not only is the sushi delicious, but the revolving belt makes the meal more interesting.

    Also located on Legacy is Bobaland with a variety of drinks that will quench everyone’s summer thirst.

    Another great place to eat is at the Twisted Root at the Shops of Legacy. Over the top milkshakes, including flavors like s’mores, go well with their hamburgers. It is a fun environment with food that people can enjoy with friends.

    The restaurant Whistle Britches serves tasty chicken in Dallas. Although slightly expensive, it is fun to splurge with friends every once in awhile.

    Going out for food is never a bad idea, but do not forget about the new movies being released this summer that can be watched in the air-conditioned theatres, away from the heat. For those who want to relive their childhood, Cars 3 comes out on June 16. Lightning McQueen has to get back into racing after being pushed out with the help of some new and old friends.

    On the opposite side of the movie spectrum, the romantic comedy based on a true story, The Big Sick, comes out on June 23. Starring Kumail Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan, the pair deal with their differences as their relationship grows.

    For horror movie fans, Annabelle 2 premieres on August 11. A dollmaker and his wife are under the attack of Annabelle. This movie is rated R for horror and violence.

     For those who want to save some money and avoid the overpriced movie theatres, the Dallas Museum of Art is free for all and makes for a fun outing. There is plenty of art to spend hours looking at. The Mexico exhibit is open until July 16, featuring the works of Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and other influential Mexican artists. However, this exhibit is an extra fee.

    Across the street at Klyde Warren Park, an array of food trucks provide a slightly cheaper lunch than inside the DMA.

    The Dallas Symphony Orchestra is performing in the park on June 13 for free. Considering the fact that tickets to see the orchestra are usually very expensive, this is an excellent opportunity.

    Also in the Dallas area is the Perot Museum and the Dallas Aquarium. There are so many different things to see in both of these places that it is worth the ticket price, starting at about $20.

    If  anyone has the urge to spend an afternoon shopping, the Firewheel Shopping Center in Garland has all the stores one could ever need. This outdoor shopping area has a movie theatre to escape the heat of the summer days and a Steel City Pops store. It is impossible to go hungry here or leave with a full wallet.

    One of the best, and cheapest, things to do in the summer is to go swimming. There are many local pools like Jack Carter and Tom Muehlenbeck Pool that are affordable. Lakes are also a relaxing place to hang out with friends like Lake Lavon or Ray Roberts Lake.

    Sneaky Pete’s is a restaurant right on Lake Lewisville that even has a separate pool for those who are not a fan of lakes.

    With so many different stores, museums and restaurants in the metropolitan area, this summer should be an unforgettable one. If all else fails, Netflix is always an option.