Shawn Mendes ‘Illuminate’ tour takes Dallas

Sabrina LeBoeuf, Editor-in-Chief

    Pop music’s Shawn Mendes will bring his international tour to Dallas to share his album Illuminate on July 19, a concert sure to be the highlight of the summer.

    The teen singer-songwriter has been at the top of the charts with songs from the album, such as “Mercy,” “Treat You Better” and “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back.” These songs have catchy lyrics accompanied by upbeat rhythms that are perfect for car rides or jamming out.

    Even the songs that don’t play on the radio are impossible to not love. Each song is unique in how the beat or melody is developed. However, the songs flow together, and every piece is necessary to make the album feel complete.

    These guitar based hits, though love songs, lack the raunchiness that artists like Drake and Nicki Minaj infuse into their love songs. Rather, Mendes focuses on empowering women with his music. Even his song “Bad Reputation,” which centers on a girl who is rumored to be promiscuous, states how the girl isn’t defined by how others view her.

    This message that Mendes embeds in his music makes the concert suitable for all age groups. He is a role model for young men as well as an example of what young women should look for in a guy. Both his image and music are clean, a quality that makes him stand out in today’s world.

    Even parents and adults can enjoy the tunes that Mendes belts. His voice lacks the intense auto-tune that most modern artists utilize in their recordings, giving the authentic feel that older generations are accustomed to.

    Additionally, the concert will take place at the American Airlines Center, a wonderful venue that allows both the floor and the nosebleed sections to have a great time. The jumbotron strategically placed in the center of the stadium means that anyone will have a satisfying view of the gorgeous teen singing his heart out.

    Overall, any seat in the house is going to be worth buying. The chance to see Mendes performing live is not one that people should be passing up.