Taylor Swift wows fan base with new music video for album


Photo courtesy of Big Machine Records

Taylor Swift mocks herself in her new music video for Look What You Made Me Do.

Caleb Hartman, Ad Manager

    The public either loves her or hates her, but either way Taylor Swift’s music video to her new song, Look What You Made Me Do, is iconic.

    Fans are going crazy over Swift’s new and upcoming album, Reputation, as the song sets the stage for what is to come. The music video gives an in-depth perspective of the song’s meaning and an inside look of Swift’s intentions with the album.

    With recent events involving Swift and Kanye West, an issue in which West referred to Swift in vulgar terms, which led to her suing him, Swift has received the most negative backlash from the community. Why it is that West can get away with such slander towards a hardworking artist who has done nothing to offend him and turn the tables on Swift is beyond many, as West fired shots first at the VMA’s in 2009.

    With said issue arguably seeming to be, “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Swift released this new music video targeting everyone who slandered her name over the past 10 years. The video is an approach to call out her haters by succumbing to the negative comments and references made towards her, which is a daring and interesting tactic that can either make or break the famous artist.

    One recurring component of Swift’s video is the presence of a snake in most of her shots. Whether it be the jewelry she wears, architectural details around her or a scene that shows an actual snake pouring her a cup of tea, it is no secret that she is referring to the many that called her a snake in the media.

    There is also a scene in the video in which she throws shade towards her ex-boyfriends as she is seen dancing with eight men wearing “I love TS” shirts, such as the one that ex boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston, was photographed wearing just last year.

    Arguably, the most iconic scene from the video is the scene in which Swift is seen standing on top of a dog pile of “old Taylors” all wearing famous outfits from each of Swift’s past hits. This scene stood out the most to fans as it gave a time lapse through the years of the artist’s career and revealed the “new Taylor” rising from the ashes of it all. This was a memorable scene to set the bar for the future of her career.

    Since the release of the music video, Swift has received an equal amount of hate along with praise. Many blew off the artist’s song altogether as several other popular artists dropped new albums at the time Swift released her song. Though that does not mean that Swift’s song was overshadowed as Look What You Made Me Do has crowned the charts as it sits at number one on the Billboard Top 100.

    Swift has unimaginable talent that the media does not give her credit for. Her success today is no surprise as she has worked hard and stayed persistent throughout her career to give fans 110% with every song she releases. Becoming successful at a young age, she continued to grow with her fan base, making Swift one of the most idolized and loved artists of her time.

    There is no doubt that Swift will continue to be attacked in the media, as fame comes with both fans and haters. Some critics are calling Look What You Made Me Do a diss track, and in some ways they are not wrong. Swift does call out and target those who have wronged her, and her music video puts that into perspective. However, the video is genius as viewers can find something new with each time it is watched, leaving room for more and more appreciation for the work put into this masterpiece of a production.

    Her video is all a matter of opinion, as her fan base praises her and her haters crucify her. No matter how the public feels towards Swift, charts do not lie and that may be a hard pill for some to swallow, but swallow it they must.