Fortnite takes over internet


Fortnite encourages teamwork and is free to download. (photo used with permission by Wikimedia Commons)

Benjamin Patterson, Sports Editor

    Fortnite builds teamwork and teaches social skills from an early age, is appropriate for everyone and is free and easy to play.

    This Hunger Games-style fight to the death with the building of Minecraft, looting of Grand Theft Auto and shooting of Call of Duty is a great game for society, and will hopefully be relevant among teenagers for a long time.

    Fortnite takes place in an alternate world where a massive storm causes the death of most of the population. This leaves many zombie-like creatures to attack whoever is left. A victory royale is achieved when all 99 other players have been eliminated. Whoever the last player or team alive is wins the game.

    Most games generally cost around $40-50 at the store, however, Fortnite is free to download for everybody. It comes on computers, consoles and now can even be played on phones all for no cost. There are additions that can be purchased, such as new skins, however, it’s not necessary. This makes the game available to a much wider range of gamers, as kids can download it for free when they may not be able to pay $50 for another game. It’s easy to download with just a few simple steps before jumping on the battle bus into the battle royale.

    Kids can also use headsets to talk to each other during the games, so if one of them needs to be revived, they can tell the other where they are and if enemies are coming. Teams can be as big as four people, and the ability to donate ammo, healing and shields to other members of the team teaches kids generosity, and how to sacrifice for the team. Donating a medkit or a chug jug, which restores full health and shields, to a teammate to have a better chance of winning is a more effective way to teach kids to share than making them let other kids play with their toys.

    Fortnite has a 13+ rating, meaning it is suitable for any kid over the age of 13. However, the cartoonish style of the game, and no realistic blood or anything else of that nature, makes the game fine for even young children to play. According to multiple reviews on Common Sense Media, the game should be fine for kids as young as seven or eight. The only inappropriate things come from the stuff other players say, which can be avoided if necessary by playing solos.

    Fortnite combines elements of several other games kids have played over the years into one high-intensity, action-packed game, that according to PC Games, over 45 million people currently play daily.

    Fortnite is great for everyone because it is very affordable, it helps kids use teamwork and it’s appropriate for all ages.