Fall fashion trends


Lochan Mourty

Junior Evelyn Han models platform sandals, ripped jeans and a bomber jacket for an updated 80s look. (Photo by Lochan Mourty)

Lochan Mourty, Staff Writer

Female fashion trends from the 80s are coming back in style, seen in both global events such as Paris Fashion Week and in more local settings such as school campuses.

The 80s were the age of bold and daring fashion statements for women. Many ensembles sported bold and bright colors, and monochrome power suits became prominent, popularizing the concept of women donning more masculine attire.

The decade dabbled with denim; patchwork denim, acid-washed denim, and denim jackets were three popular items that took off during this time. This period of fashion also put a new twist on jackets, with bomber jackets gaining fame and shoulder pads accenting the iconic pantsuits of the time.

Off-shoulder tops and dresses gained more fame, as well, along with accessories such as fanny packs, which were used for more practical purposes at the time.

Some female trends from the decade can be seen on the school campus. “Scrunchies came back. Many girls love scrunchies,” senior president of Fashion Club Vy Luu said. “And also denim, like jean jackets.”

Pop culture as a whole has also been influenced by touches of the era’s fashion.

“I’ve definitely seen it on the runways, clothes with big shoulder pads and vibrant neon colors,” senior co-president of Fashion Club Jaxon Kysar said.

The New York Spring Fashion Week 2019 show, which ended on Sept. 13, is the perfect example of these 80s trends making a comeback in recent times.

Many of the fashion models sported clothes in vivid highlighter yellows and oranges, a testament to the popularity of neon clothing in the 80s.

A sizeable amount of the models also sported a suit jacket with shoulder pads, wearing it either traditionally with matching pants or with skirts and dresses.

As prominent as the 80s has been in current fashion, it is not the only era that has had an impact on the styles of today. “I think the 90s are prominent as well,” said fashion design teacher Jerri
Freeman. “I see a lot of people wearing things like Tommy Hilfiger and color blocking prints.”

The influence of previous periods of fashion on modern styles clearly will not die out anytime soon, but today’s new industrial advancements may also have a huge impact on future decades.

“We’ve got shoes that can lace themselves, and we have fabrics that can change color, as well,” Freeman said. “I think that while we’ll always take past trends and revamp them to make them
different and new, we’re also going to incorporate a lot of technology into our clothes.”

Even with other decades of the past and technological advancements of the present making big changes to the fashion industry, the 80s have clearly made one of the biggest impacts on the female fashions of the 2010s, and perhaps its iconic trends will continue to shine in future generations.