Spider-Man video game finally released


Ethan Nguyen

Cover of new Spider-Man video game

Savannah Anderson, Staff Writer

On June 13, 2016 Marvel Studios took their franchise to the gaming world when announced its collaboration with Insomniac Games. The game was called “Spider-Man,” for PlayStation only.

Pre-orders started going by left and right. As the public raved about the friendly neighborhood web slinger until Friday, Sept. 7 of this year when the game was finally released.

According to EchoGames, “Spider- Man is not only the fastest-selling Spider- Man game ever, it is now the fastestselling Marvel-branded video game ever.”

Considering that Spider-Man sold over 125,000 in its debut week, suppressing “God of War,” according to the website Comic Book. The main storyline is unique as it has no connection with “Infinity War” but rather a connection with the comics.

The gaming website, LevelUp said, “The game not only fulfills what it promised, but it gives us a original story worthy of a Marvel Movie.”

“Spider-Man” does give the audience a attention-grabbing original storyline, the gameplay does reflect a similar elements to “Batman: Arkham” series. Both games are Action-Adventure, Open-World and although Arkham is DC Comics and Spider-Man is Marvel, they are both showcases similarities in the games.

The main storyline taken place in New York City of course but, differently it does not include origin stories like many other “Spider-Man” games. It actually takes place in the middle of the story, when Peter is
Spider-Man and focusing on his life after high school, in his early 20’s as a young scientist and in crossroads between what important, being Spider-Man or Peter Parker. There’s no death scene of Uncle Ben, or Gwen Stacy as other games tend to have their audience play through but takes it attention towards after Peter has matured and been Spider-Man for a long time. By doing that it presents the villains that may or may not be featured in previous games.

Villains like Rhino, Scorpion, Doctor Oct, Kingpin, and many Easter eggs villains depending on whether the player pre-order the game. Returning characters Mary Jane, Aunt May, and of course Peter Parker, as well as a new cast along the Spider-Verse, Miles Morales especially.

In some missions Spider-Man allows the players to switch from Spider-Man to Mary Jane or Miles. Which sometimes tended to get a bit boring at times, as fans would rather be the webslinger instead of MJ.

The soundtrack is composed by John Paesano, “Maze Runner,” and Netflix’s “Daredevil,” and “The Defenders.” The voice actors were brilliantly casted as well Peter Parker is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, many fans might recognized his work as Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto.

The graphics are on point as the player continues the game, they unlocked costumes from the Spider-Verse or from the mobile game “Spider-Man Unlimited.” Not only the costumes are changeable but “Spider- Man” has the players unlock special moves on the skill tree, as well as unlockable gadgets, the player gets the token to buy the skills by doing missions and heroic duties.

For the special pack and gadgets, it honestly depends on whether or not the player purchased the pre-order package which some pre-order includes Black Cat missions.

The game play is unquestionably exceptional, the main story may be only 15 hours, the endless side missions in every city were made to ever bored the audience after they beat the game to continue the experience with the mini-games, either chasing pigeons, taking photos, or tailing getaway cars.

The developers’ intentions were to entertain their audiences, but the issues with forced stealth missions sometimes have players pulling their hair out, especially the missions that include Mary Jane or Miles which always require being stealth.

Overall the game was a huge success as it appeals to audiences. IGN Entertainment gave the game an 8/10, however, Common Sense Media gave the game a 5/5.

The game is not only centered on the die hard fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also people who possibly know nothing about the comics. “Spider-Man” is an easy pick for all who own a PlayStation.