Audience leaves horror film in a pile with many other disappointing thrillers

Movie poster depicts star, Shay Mitchell, in a suspenseful situation

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Movie poster depicts star, Shay Mitchell, in a suspenseful situation

Avery Gregorash, A&E Editor

The Possession of Hannah Grace was a disappointment to horror movies and did not live up to the hype as many of the other movies did in 2018.

    The Possession of Hannah Grace was not an impressive horror movie. Directed by Diederik Van Rooijen and produced by Todd Garner and Sean Robins, the film was released Nov 30. The movie was filled with horror, haunting and just enough gore to make the audience jump.

    The movie opens in an abandoned church with two priests and Hannah’s father performing an exorcism on Hannah. After many casualties Hannah dies, and they cut to the next scene.

    Next we open on Megan, a former police woman dealing with PTSD and sobriety, leaving her apartment to go to a job interview for the overnight shift in the morgue of a hospital. After getting the job rather quickly she starts that night.

    Nothing particularly important happens until night two when the mangled and burned body of Hannah Grace is brought in. Many suspicious and paranormal events happen that night causing Megan to believe that the body of Hannah is possessed with a demon and she is quickly proven right.

    In a thriller of old romance, gore and jump scares The Possession of Hannah Grace was not an impressive film.

    The film was only 85 minutes long and the ending felt very rushed. After hearing audience members chatter it was easy to tell they felt like they had missed something when in reality the film just started wrapping the the ending up too quickly. Seeing how it was barely over an hour they had so much more time they could have utilized to make the film the best it could have been.

    The ending of the film was the worst part of the movie and what made the film less of a success than it could have been. Had they not rushed the ending of the film so much it would have been more of a success.

    While the plot was very repetitive there were some initial factors that scared the audience. The film was not a raving success, but it had many promising aspects that had audience members hopeful.

    Since it was set in a morgue, it was very eerie towards the middle of the film whenever she was alone and had moments of suspense that kept audience members gasping and on the edge of their seats waiting for something to happen. This is very common for horror movies though, so all they did was cover the basics and didn’t do much else with it.

    However the ratings speak for themselves. On Metacritic the film scored a very low 37 out of 100 based on nine critics reviews. Very similarly the movie got a rating of four out of 10 over on Rotten Tomatoes putting it very low on the horror movie scale.

    All together the film did not live up to the hype. Audience members left the theatre grumbling and the film is getting lower ratings the longer it’s in theaters.