Ojedas homestyle cooking wows customers

Local Plano restaurant gives sense of warmth, comfort


Dylan Kinney

Ojeda’s delicious puffy taco dinner with rice and beans is a signature dish at the traditional Mexican food restaurant located at 2001 Coit in Plano. (photo by Dylan Kinney)

Dylan Kinney, Arts and Entertainment Section Editor

Ojeda’s, a family operated restaurant, continues to impress their guests with delicious home-made food and a friendly atmosphere.

Ojeda’s has been a favorite to residents in the Plano area for years. From 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. the double red doors are open, welcoming their customers with a savory aroma and talkative environment. The restaurant provides both an indoor and outdoor dining, resulting in little or no time to wait for a table.

As customers sit down to enjoy dinner they are treated with spicy salsa, tortilla chips and ice water. Waiters recommend the chile con queso, It’s the perfect appetizer before a meal.

For the past 36 years the colorful restaurant has been known for their home-made, $11 puffed taco dinner. Though the prices may be steep for students, the meal would make for the perfect homecoming date. When one thinks of a “puffy taco” a soft, bread-beated image comes to mind. Surprisingly, the puffy taco was extremely crisp and delicate.

The dish has become very popular due to the entertaining style. In order to enjoy the meal one must crush the crispy taco shell and mix the ingredients together. The tasteful taco includes fresh lettuce, cool tomatoes, fried masa, spiced ground beef and a hint of salsa.

Customers can even add on additional cheese, salsa fresca, or vegetables for only two dollars. The meal comes with a side of rice and beans as well. Customers also have the option to replace the sides with a cup of guacamole, vegetables or three flour tortillas. The dish is nothing but mouth-watering and leaves their guest craving more ambrosial meals.

Recently, the family-welcoming restaurant has been well liked for their tortilla soup. Customers enjoy the steaming broth, fresh vegetables and shredded chicken the soup provides. Guests have the choice to add guacamole and cheese if wanted. The tortilla soup is commonly ordered due to the low calories and smaller portions for guests who have a small appetite. These options are also more affordable for students.

Ojeda’s decor differs from many traditional tex-mex restaurants. The walls are covered in bright historical art, colorful lights and small televisions. Students can enjoy the trendy music and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Ojeda’s is also popular for their historical background. The restaurant was founded in 1969 by hard working parents, Ben and Cecilia Ojeda. Ben served as a U.S army cook, there he developed a love for cooking. Returning from war, he maintained his value for cooking, and decided to open a family targeted restaurant with his wife. When they weren’t cooking they were spending time with their four sons and five daughters.

Ojeda’s lives up to their reputation of authentic Tex-Mex, a homey atmosphere and beyond amiable customer service.  Providing positive energy and delicious homemade plates. Ojeda’s is the ideal place to gather friends and family for a promising meal that will leave guests with high spirits and a full stomach.