New Joji album provides a sweet sound

Japanese singer-songwriter Joji releases his 3rd studio album, Nectar.


Joji’s new cover art for Nectar.

     Japanese singer-songwriter Joji released his new album Nectar on Sept. 25th, which features his hit singles “Sanctuary,” “Run” and “Gimme Love.”

     Fans will finally be able to enjoy more of Joji’s electronic, R&B-styled compositions after his last album BALLADS 1 was released in October of 2018. 

     Nectar has a total of 18 songs to feed listeners, and Joji’s past four singles have proven to fans that they’ll be getting the versatile music produced by the songwriter that they know and love. Nectar features lots of electronic instruments and sounds just like his previous album.

     The singer told Tmrwmagazine that Nectar will be an album of him “Developing this new era,”  which will allow fans to see more of his real-life George Miller side for the first time instead of his musical alias,  Joji.

     An enormous amount of electronic instruments were used while producing Nectar, while some of his songs from the album are heavily saturated with bass, others have a very light and airy quality to them.

     Released first was his single “Sanctuary,” with 195,319,625 streams on Spotify. The track starts right away with a lofi-type of style, featuring a simple drum beat and mellow electronic tunes. Fans can really hear his deep, almost whiny, vocals well during his verses, but leading up to the chorus he switches it up and  becomes more upbeat.

     Following “Sanctuary,” is the song “Run” which he released on Feb. 7, 2020. “Run” was definitely one of his more emotional songs, as it has a slower tempo and a prominent bass. The single was clearly Joji’s way of expressing his love for someone, the heart-wrenching lyrics give insight on how he knows the person he loves has lost feelings for him.

    “Gimme Love” was the third single off the album to be released, and has grown very popular in such a short amount of time, it’s even managed to find its way onto Tik Tok. It’s upbeat and very catchy lyrics and tune have let thousands worldwide enjoy a little bit of happiness. Joji’s main goal was to write the song as everyone’s favorite part, but longer, and that’s exactly what he did.

     The last single fans dropped by him before he released all of Nectar is titled “Daylight,” which Joji actually partnered up with artist Diplo to write. The song has mix of R&B and a trap feel, easily making it a go-to car-jam song. Between Joji’s unique vocals and Diplo’s astonishing producer skills, this has given a small snippet of the artist’s happier side.

     Nectar is easily one of Joji’s best albums so far, and fans will be perfectly happy listening to his diverse arrangement of songs- featuring artists like Omar Apollo and Lil Yachty.