Popular artist Yungblud releases new album

The U.K singer’s sophomore album gets weird

Dylan Kinney, Newspaper Sections Supervisor

On Sept. 17, musician Yungblud, also known as Dominic Harrison, announced his fourth debut album Weird! via Instagram.

“The album will be released Nov. 13 I can’t wait for you to fall into this world,” Harrison captioned the post.

Though his name has not been covered much in the media since his breakup with the famous popstar Halsey, fans have been quite eager for his long awaited music. Weird! will be Harrison’s second album following his latest EP release, Underrated Youth.

The album will feature a 12 song tracklist discussing topics such as individuality, anxiety and deals with a variety of emotions.

“I want to make people feel like it’s going to be alright because we’re together,” Yungblud said on The Late Night Show.

The sophomore album opens with the track “Teresa,” the song narrates from a protective point of view as Yungblud confesses his loyalty to the anonymous person.

Harrison’s EP he next track is one of his most popular features, “Cotton Candy,” which is also one of his only singles to include a music video.

“Cotton Candy is about the idea that you can lose yourself in other people of all genders, of all shapes and sizes to find yourself and figure out who you truly are,” Harrison said in a press release.

“Strawberry lipstick” follows as the third track in the optimistic album. The song was actually released a couple months prior to the album’s official release, and like “Cotton Candy,” it also has a music video dedicated to it.

“God Save me, but don’t drown me out” is the 7th track on the album, but one of the first releases from Weird!. In this song, Yungblud gets very personal as he sings about his emotional challenges and his faith towards Christianity. He not only created impactful lyrics, but also filmed a very descriptive and colorful music video.

“I wanted to paint a picture of what depression really feels like, where everyone can be screaming at you, but you just can’t hear anything at all,” Harrison said.

Coming in as the last song on the album is “Weird,” the iconic track that the whole album was named after. “Weird” differentiates from the other songs, mostly because it sparked the development of Harrison’s sophomore album.

“I was crying while writing this song,” said Harrison.

Unfortunately, a majority of the tracks on Weird! are unavailable for streaming in the U.S, even on popular platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. However, there is no doubt that they capture Harrison’s uncanny ability to portray difficult feelings through music as well.

Living in a pandemic and having to isolate increases the chances of facing negative emotions, which can be really hard to talk about and deal with. Yungblud felt the need to release the album faster than usual to give his fans a sense of insurance during these tough times.