Artists Implement COVID Precautions

Proof of COVID vaccination required to attend concert


Photo courtesy of Kate Tucker

Nina Cairo, Staff Writer

     Many musical artists have begun their tours, but are requiring certain precautions to be taken to ensure the safety of all who attend. 

     Artists like Tame Impala and Harry Styles announced that entrance into their concerts will not be permitted unless there is proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within the 48 hours prior to the show. 

     Kevin Parker, the Australian mastermind behind the psychedelic music of Tame Impala, began his “Slow Rush Tour” on Sept. 4. He announced that all attendees of his concerts must follow the mandatory requirements previously mentioned. 

          Through his platform, Kevin Parker is pushing for the safety of his fans and the general public. He advocates for the COVID vaccine to encourage others to get it as well.

     In a post on the official Tame Impala instagram, Kevin Parker said “My beliefs on this matter align closely with the word of science, which is that the vaccine undeniably helps prevent serious illness and death from [COVID-19]. If this isn’t your view, I urge you to re-evaluate.”

The “Slow Rush Tour” was postponed for a year due to COVID. With precautions like masks, COVID tests and vaccines, the tour is able to resume. Parker is excited to be back on tour, but he can’t risk everyone’s safety to please those who prefer typical concerts that don’t require these preventative measures. 

     “I have talked about this with my cohorts extensively and whilst the last thing I want to do is divide people based on what they believe and don’t believe, now is not the time to be putting everyone at risk for the sake of being nice,” Parker said. 

     Similarly to Tame Impala, Harry Styles has announced COVID precautions for his current “Love On Tour” shows. All ticket holders must show either proof of full COVID vaccination, or proof of a negative PCR or Antigen COVID test within the required time frame. 

     All staff at the venues will be required to follow these same precautions to ensure their safety and the safety of others. Along with that, both staff and attendees are required to wear masks to further prevent the spread of COVID.

     The official Harry Styles’ website said, “Requiring testing, or proof of vaccination, is the best way to protect the health and safety of our crew and fans, and is quickly becoming the new standard for concerts around the US.”

     Some of the students at Plano Senior attended the Dallas concert at the American Airlines Center on Sept. 11. One of these students was junior Kate Tucker, who provided insight into the enforcement of the COVID requirements at the event. 

     “You had to submit your vaccine card or proof of a negative PCR [COVID-19] test within [three] days of the concert to an online site and show that proof of submission to staff before stepping foot into American Airlines,” Tucker said. “I actually saw some people get rejected from the venue for not having proof.”

     Tucker, along with other fans, were able to enjoy the show while also feeling safe in the environment that they were in. Knowing that there were safety precautions in place made the show a more comfortable and gratifying experience for Styles’ fans. 

When artists like Tame Impala and Harry Styles require these preventative measures, they promote the safety of their fans and lead by example for other musicians. The general public can also be influenced to practice these safe procedures in their daily lives.

     “I think it is so smart for musical artists to use their platforms for encouraging safety against [COVID],” Tucker said. “People listen to artists [that] they look up to and it is so refreshing to see some change thanks to the musical artists that are speaking out.”