“Squid Game” Set to Become the Most Popular Show in Netflix History

Drake Chambless, Staff Writer

     The new and extremely popular show “Squid Game” which was released on September 17th, is on a trail to become the most popular show in Netflix history as the thriller continues to garner more viewers on top of its 62 million watchers globally.

     The newest show on Netflix “Squid Game” has had an incredible release with a small cast based out of South Korea. With that, the entirety of the show was filmed in the South Korean city, Daejeon. The show has had a huge impact on how Netflix treats its foreign films and shows. The main plot of the show goes as follows. There are 456 competitors who are in extreme debt looking to win the games at the cost of their life, with an overall prize of $38 million in South Korean money.

     “This is a story about losers,” Director Hwang Dong-hyuk said in an interview with CNN. “Those who struggle through the challenges of everyday life and get left behind, while the winners level up.”

     Not only has the director had success, the main characters referred to as Seong Gi-hun and Cho Sang-woo played by Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae Soo have seen a massive fan following. HoYeon Jung, who played Sae Byeok in the show has also gained an unruly amount of followers as well as an official Louis Vuitton global ambassador title.

     “At the time when I heard that I would be joining ‘Squid Game’ in the role of a North Korean defector, Sae-byeok, following the audition, I was uncertain about myself as an actor and questioned my ability,” actor HoYeon Jung said in an interview with Vogue. “Acting in a new movie or series will be challenging, especially after ‘Squid Game,’ so I intend not to limit myself to a specific genre.”

     With “Squid Game” expected to gain an even larger audience as the weeks go by, the standing record of most viewership will soon be broken. Season two is in the works and viewers are staying tuned, ready for more.