Student Review of PSHS Theater Production of “Pride and Prejudice”

PSHS production of “Pride and Prejudice” opened on Oct. 7


Photo courtesy of Isabella Bartolini

Casey Cavanaugh, Staff Writer

     The Plano Senior High School rendition of Pride and Prejudice was a success. With not one bad review, the student body seemed to absolutely love the play. 

     “I went in thinking I can’t wait for this play,” senior Liam Bramble said, “And I went out going ‘I will never live that much ever again.’” 

     In opposition to the seriousness of the tone of the original Pride and Prejudice book, written by Jane Austen, the play included a humorous feel, making the audience laugh throughout the show.

   “I loved it. I thought everyone did a really good job, it was really entertaining,” senior Lydia Taylor said. “I didn’t expect it to be as funny as it was, so that was a nice surprise.”

    The cast was highly appreciated among viewers of the play.

     “I liked the second half better,” Eli Simpson said. “The acting was really good.”

     Students had some favorite moments in the play to share, as well as a personal note about cast members they knew personally.

     “My favorite part was when Jack [Espinosa,] who played Mr. Collins was seducing the ladies and put his leg up onto the chair,” senior Scott Rice said. “I loved watching my friends up there, I usually never get to see them like that.”

     With some behind the scenes knowledge, some insight is given on the show’s events backstage.

     “I think it’s really good, we actually didn’t expect it to go as well as it did because we had almost two full weeks of rehearsal where we couldn’t even get on stage so we just did a lot of table work,” senior Charles Carraher said. “It ended up being very good thanks to Mr. Wheeler. [My favorite part was] definitely my one line screaming Lady De Bourgh, that was really fun.”

     Shortly after the play ended, Liam Bramble gave a stunning review of his feelings surrounding the play. 

     “My life has peaked after watching that play,” Bramble said. “I am both happy and mortified because I know I will never be that happy ever again and I will have to live like that. So honestly I hate it.”