2022 Met Gala


Photo courtesy of anielbaez0

The 2022 Met Gala was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, New York.

Nina Cairo, Staff Writer

     Just like the lustrous facade of the Gilded Age, this year’s Met Gala lacked substance and remarkableness. Few attendees followed the theme and failed to wow spectators at what is supposed to be one of the most fashionable nights of the year.

     However, the scarce number of celebrities on theme each had creative ways of interpreting and executing this year’s theme: Gilded Glamor, White Tie. Some took on literal executions of the theme while others thought more innovatively. 

     One guest who elegantly and creatively represented the Gilded Age was Blake Lively. As she has done at previous Met Galas, Lively managed to be on theme and set the stage for the entire night with her stunning attire. 

     In an interview with CNN Style, Lively said, “I thought a neat perspective on the theme would be looking at the city that I love so much and the architecture, rather than just the fashion.”

     Her custom Versace dress paid homage to New York architecture and the Art Deco style. When Lively entered the red carpet, her dress was a stunning rose gold color and had a massive bow. The bow was then untied to reveal a blue train embellished with the constellations painted on the ceiling of Grand Central Station.

     The seven-tier crown she wore represented the seven rays on the crown of the Statue of Liberty which was gifted to the U.S. in the Gilded Age. Additionally, Lively’s sparkling Judith Leiber handbag represented the Brooklyn Bridge on one side and the Chrysler Building during sunset on the other.

     Cardi B stunned in a custom Versace dress made of gold chains. The all-gold outfit focused on the literal meaning of the word “gilded” as it refers to being coated in gold. It took 20 people and more than 50 straight days of work to finish the delicate dress.

     Laura Harrier and Anitta chose to wear dresses of the Gilded Age style with corsets and bustles. Harrier wore a dazzling metallic dress by H&M, a surprisingly casual brand for such a luxurious event. Anitta wore a purple Moschino gown draped in pearls as she was escorted by the brand’s Creative Director Jeremy Scott. 

     While the Gilded Age was a flourishing era for upper-class, White Americans, many people of color and other minority groups faced tribulations and injustice. Indigenous American model Quannah Chasinghorse chose to represent her community and what they experienced through her fashion. 

     Chasinghorse’s mother, Judy Potts-Joseph, told Vogue, “It is important to understand that for Native Americans, the Gilded Age represents a period of United States policies of removal, genocide and assimilation all creating generations of trauma for Native Americans.”

     Chasinghorse wore an upcycled Prabal Gurung dress, but her detailed jewelry and hairpiece held the true importance of the look. The custom jewelry she wore was made by Lenise Omeasoo and it utilized traditional Native materials to show respect and pride to the community. The model also wore two eagle feathers in her hair to symbolize a united community that supports one another. 

     Others in attendance paid respect to marginalized groups of the Gilded Age. Riz Ahmed wore a “workwear” style dark blue silk set designed by 4S Designs. Ahmed also wore work boots to contribute to his acknowledgement of immigrant laborers in the Gilded Age. 

     “This is an homage to the immigrant workers who kept the Gilded Age going,” Ahmed told Vogue. 

     Some attendees kept it simple by merely following the white tie element of the dress code. However, Russel Westbrook, David Harbour and Hamish Boweles chose to add a top hat to their ensemble to subtly nod to men’s fashion in the Gilded Age.

     Despite the low participation in this year’s theme, a few celebrities still managed to somehow represent Gilded Glamor in unique ways.