Christmas Light Spots in North Texas


Nehemiah Christopher, Staff Writer

     Christmas is around the corner and so are many holiday events that take place in the month of December. There are many local events that are free for people to enjoy. 

     “My favorite Christmas lights event is the ‘Lights on the Farm’ event at [the] Heritage Farmstead Museum because they actually put effort into their looks,” junior Avery Hall said.

     The “Lights on the Farm” event will take place at the Heritage Farmstead Museum. 

     They offer a quarter of a mile of Christmas lights, activities for families, Santa visits and different holiday snacks.. 

     “My favorite Christmas lights event is Deerfield because not only the lights are pretty but so are the houses,” junior April Pacheco said. “The carriage rides [are] fun when you are with friends.” 

     The “Deerfield Holiday Lights” are up the whole month of December and are open to view every day from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. during the week and 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on the weekend. Deerfield is a large neighborhood where the residents compete for whoever has the best Christmas lights to win a spot at a location where people from all over North Texas can come and see Christmas light displays. 

     “This year I’m [going] to the ‘Light Park’ in Arlington,”  junior Miguel Lira said. “They have a unique light show display [that’s] organized and not super crowded.”

     The “Light Park” in Arlington is a drive-through light show open until Jan. 1 that has countless of lights to view. The tickets are only $39 per vehicle so people can bring as many friends and family members as their car fits.

     “Seeing Christmas lights is all about friends and family and I think everyone should be going to see the lights to get them in the spirit,” junior Olivia Florence said.