Eras Tour Making History


Photo Courtesy of Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash.

Alexis Davis

     American popstar Taylor Swift has begun her “Eras Tour”, and within the fifth weekend of it, it is already breaking records.

     Following the release of her seventh album Lover, Swift was set to tour around the world. However due to COVID-19 this tour never happened. Since the last time Swift toured, she has released four albums. All of these albums have dominated the charts, making her the first person to hold all top ten spots on the Billboard charts. 

     With the fifth weekend of this tour having already happened, and details of the previous shows released, fans were immediately shocked by the setlist. Composed of 44 different songs allowing fans to relive all of Swift’s albums, Swift performs a whopping 3 hours, with very limited breaks for costume changes. The feat for the longest concert is currently held by Bruce Springsteen reaching just over four hours. That being said, most concerts of that length have avoided complex choreography. Even critics have been raving about her performance going to such lengths to describe this event. 

     “The production was more Broadway extravaganza than a singular concert,” The Guardian writer Adriana Horton said. 

     In addition to decked-out choreographed songs, Swift also played many songs on the guitar and the piano, creating an intimate feel for anyone in the audience, even those in the nosebleeds. During this portion, Swift plays two random surprise songs acoustically, including several songs she has never played before from several different eras. Fans have taken to Tiktok and Instagram as a way to tune into this part of the show and watch through livestreams.

     “The anticipation builds up waiting to hear the surprise songs every show, because I want to relive the moment“ Gracelyn Davis said, who went to the Eras Tour April 1st. 

     In addition to the amazing vocals being served by Swift, the production of the tour creates a concert that is amazing to everyone. Swift’s work on the stage created stunning visuals that added more to her performance. A notable portion is when Swift dives into the stage with a splashing track playing out loud, then the stage shows her swimming to the next part of the stage she enter’s back from after a quick costume change. 

     “My favorite detail was the digital stage, where there were graphics that followed the dancers, it seemed super interactive.” Sophia Quartaro, who attended the show March 31st and April 2nd, said.

     During the first act of the show; when she performs songs from the album Lover, Swift uses the time before her song titled “The Man” to discuss some of her achievements at each venue played. In Glendale, AZ, Swift became the first person to perform two back-to-back sold-out shows; with more people in attendance than the Super Bowl held earlier at that location   this year there. In Vegas, Swift highlights that she is the first woman to sell out a show in Allegiant Stadium. Additionally, she made local history, as the first person to sell out three nights in a row at AT&T stadium, and setting the record for the highest three day attendance at AT&T. 

     With the concert still in its early part of the U.S. leg, the tour is estimated to become one of the highest-grossing tours of all time. 

     To win over Swift’s praise, cities have been “gifting” Taylor on her arrival. From changing city names, handing over keys to the city, to even making her mayor for a day, this tour is set to become on of Swift’s most successful tours, beating out her Reputation Tour.

     “I live for the feeling of standing on a stage and saying, ‘I feel this way,’ and the crowd responding with ‘We do too!’” Swift said.