Student directed play baffles viewers


Bald Soprano poster (photo by Abby Zimmardi)

Abby Zimmardi, Staff Writer

    The Bald Soprano, a student directed play, introduces a new perspective to the audience called absurdist fiction circling on the idea of existentialism making it an entertaining and funny production taking place in the home of the Smith’s.

    The play opens with a normal looking husband and wife, Mr. Smith, played by junior Andy Stratton, and Mrs. Smith, played by senior Emily Bulloch, who discuss their day. Soon enough, guests arrive, and everyone tells stories like a normal get-together.   

    All six actors in the play, fit their roles extremely well as they yelled at each other and spoke absolute gibberish. Bryce Lederer, senior, and Chandelynn Moody, junior, played Mr. and Mrs. Martin, Priya Chaudhari played Mary the Maid, and Isaac Kolodny played the Fire Chief. While all of these characters are together, they figure things out about each other that shocks them, and they have weird reactions to what the other actors say and do.

    The play eventually turns into complete nonsense. The actors start to speak lines that make no sense, and the play starts to have absolutely no meaning. In the end there isn’t a resolution to the play as the plot line disappears, but that is what is supposed to happen in this anti-play.

    The cast did a fantastic job of keeping in character while blurting out crazy lines and running   around the stage. This made for an engaging play that kept the audience engrossed in it.

    Along with the acting, the stage set and props were also excellent and pleasing to the eye. It consisted of clocks that were broken showing the hour numbers in random orders. These confusing props added to the feel of the absurd play.

    The costumes and makeup by senior Kolten Yeck fit extremely well into the play. The costumes were lively and interesting to look at. The elements of the props, makeup and acting came together to create an interesting play that is definitely one to remember in a positive way.

         Student director, Tanner Lewis, senior, pushed the play in an excellent direction. Although the audience had to be sure to be paying complete attention so they could follow the storyline that merely existed, he made it hilarious and compelling. As things in the play went haywire, the audience could be enticed by the random lines and actions the actors had.

    This play, though demanding of its cast, crew and viewers, proved itself to be successful.