Live LYFE healthier


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LYFE Kitchen is located near campus at the intersection of Park and Preston.

Abby Zimmardi, Staff Writer

There is a wide variety of healthy food places to choose from, but LYFE Kitchen, located off Park and Preston, is a solid choice to go to.
LYFE Kitchen offers a wide variety of foods ranging from flatbread pizzas, to curry and even ginger spice cookies. It is a casual sit down restaurant, but can also be taken to-go or even delivered. Even though it is a sit down restaurant, the food comes out within 10 minutes, so there is not a long wait at all. In a way, it is fast food but just the healthy version of it.
Although it can be pricier than average fast food, it is well worth the price. The price range is about from $5-$16 depending on what is ordered. The starters are all around the same price with the grilled pepper quesadilla being the cheapest at five dollars. The mahi fish tacos and other handheld menu items are in the eight to ten dollar range. The herb roasted salmon is the most expensive item being $16, and the other big dishes are in that range as well.
The sides are cheap being three to four dollars. The fries they offer, sweet potato or regular, are delicious. They use little salt and have their own signature ketchup which makes the fries sweet and flavorful. A favorite at LYFE Kitchen are the flatbread pizzas, and they offer five different kinds of it, too, including BBQ Chicken and Margherita pizzas. As well as the pizzas, the chicken and avocado sandwiches are also incredible. There is something for everyone on the menu there.
All of the ingredients used are fresh and organic. Not many food places offer these ingredients and definitely are not as healthy for the consumer. Other restaurants, like Mcdonald’s and Five Guys use frozen foods. This means that the food they serve is not fresh, and all they did was heat up the food. This cycle of frozen foods is unhealthy and although it can be hard sometimes to taste the difference, the long term effect on the health of the body is what makes the difference.
With restaurants that use frozen foods, it is oftentimes unclear where the food came from and if it is organic. The consumer does not know if the food is processed or came straight from grass-fed cattle. On the website for LYFE Kitchen they tell exactly what their food is made from and how it is grown, so there are no secrets with this restaurant.
In addition to using healthy ingredients, everything put into the food is flavorful. This creates meals that taste fantastic and that are good for the body, too. Listed on the menu next to each food item is the amount of calories and sodium in the meal. This is great information to have just to learn a little bit more about the food going into the customer’s body.
As for drinks, their juices are freshly squeezed, and they offer organic coffee as well. Also, there are gluten free options available. So if the consumer is gluten free or has a gluten allergy, this is a fantastic place to go for these options. The gluten free choices even cost less than the traditional meals. Included with all of the fantastic meal choices is a kids menu. It is limited, but it has tasty items that anyone will love.
The menu items consist of lunch and dinner items. For catering only, there is a breakfast menu. There are just a few items to choose from in that category such as breakfast burritos, egg and turkey sausage sandwich, morning veggie wrap, and a greek yogurt bowl. This is still an excellent option to feed a lot of people even though it is limited.
Also, the atmosphere is welcoming and exciting. Located by the ordering counter are shelves of little plants that bring life and something interesting to look at in the restaurant. There is writing on the shelves of all the herbs they use in their food. Herb such as oregano, chives, juniper, bay leaves and more. There is also a mural on the wall of a field with writing on it that says things like “grass fed,” “sustained,” etc. The decorations add an extra element of design and excitement into the atmosphere. They also inform the customers on the overall quality and organic means of the food.
Overall, LYFE Kitchen has a cozy atmosphere with marvelous, healthy food. The price is well worth the quality and after eating there it is clear that it was the right option.