“Grey’s Anatomy” season premiere falls short of expectations


The eleventh season of “Grey’s Anatomy” premiered last night. Catch it on Thursdays at 7 at ABC.

Gabrielle Lammons, Staff Writer

Season 11 of “Grey’s Anatomy” has been highly anticipated, and after the big revels in season 10, change seemed to be the theme of this season.

The big shocker of last season was the revelation that Elise Grey had another daughter, Maggie Pierce, who she gave up for adoption. By some twist of fate Maggie appeared as the new attending Cardio. It wasn’t hard for fans to make the leap that Richard Webber, Elise’s former lover, was her father. Typically, Richard found this out in the last 30 seconds of Season 10.

In the Season 11 premiere this storyline leaves a lot to be desired because, as it is seen through the eyes of six year old Meredith, a lot of details were left out. I can only hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the events that led to Elise giving up Maggie.

That said, I already don’t like Maggie Pierce. Kelly McCreary, who plays Pierce, does not do the character justice for me. Her acting seems bland and unemotional beside the other characters at Grey Sloan Memorial. Let’s hope another plane trip isn’t far off. That seems to be the trick for getting rid of half-sisters.

Meredith Grey’s newest struggles were very interesting. The new relationship between her and Alex is sweet, and he becomes her new ‘Person’ after Christina Yang left for Switzerland at the end of last season. Alex and Meredith are the only original interns left, and this seems to have created their bond. Alex is also fighting for a place on the board against Bailey in this episode after Christina left him her shares of the hospital.

Derek and Meredith’s relationship also has some major things to overcome after she refused to leave Seattle to go with him across the country for his new job. This is heavily touched on in this season premiere, but the outcome was very anticlimactic for me.

Season 11 seemed more like reviewing season 10 and making these issues clear to the others at Grey Sloan Memorial. I found the new season premiere bland, and it didn’t live up to my excitement. I can only hope the show can recapture its former excitement with new characters and new storylines.