“American Horror Story: Freakshow” tops its predecessors


Photo from FX.

Rose Rana, Staff Writer

The hit TV show “American Horror Story” is finally back and better than ever before. Just when I think I can’t be more amazed — or more terrified — I get proven wrong every time.

Let’s start off with a rapid summary — “AHS: Freakshow” is set in the mid 1900s and begins with Elsa Mars, played by Jessica Lange, who runs the last Freak Show in the United States. She finds fellow “freaks” and help them find a home while at the same time putting on a fantastic show. It’s touching, really.

The first of the freaks are Bet and Dot Tattler, played by Sarah Paulson, who are sisters that share a body and are being chased by the Feds for murdering their mother — which they are entirely guilty of, might I add.

We have Jimmy Darling, played by Evan Peters, the charming, handsome young man who’s known to be kind of a lady-killer. Figuratively, not literally. His charm almost takes away the focus from his claws. Yes, claws. Take a moment to assess this and maybe cry a little, like I know I did, then pick yourself up off of the floor and just avert your attention to his cuteness. From what I’ve witnessed so far, Jimmy takes on a protective leadership role, because really all he wants is for all the “freaks” to lead a normal life amongst everyone else. He’s pushing for the freaks’ rights, and from the beginning we already see his resentment towards Mars’ showcase. It is clear that he is growing a little tired of the de-humanization that he, along with everyone else, feels.

Then we have his mom, Ethel Darling, a.k.a. the bearded lady. She holds everyone together in the beginning and it becomes obvious that she is the emotional support for everyone.

To add a strange twist, we have an incredibly terrifying and murderous clown that goes out, kills a lot of people and holds two kids, a young boy scout and a gorgeous teen girl, hostage. By the end of the episode, we find that all he wants to do is make people laugh, but he always fails — probably because when he does attempt to do something clown-like, he looks absolutely terrifying. This is actually pretty sad and you can’t help but feel bad for the poor guy. And that’s when you remember that he’s a mass murderer.

Every season the show sets a theme that demonstrates that bad people, no matter how terrifying, do what they do with the best intentions. “AHS” definitely followed through with that theme in this season as well. I give this episode a solid 8.9 out of 10, definitely worth the watch if your skin is thick enough.