Wildcat Tales

Graphic by Anna Villano.

My Harley

Falyn Traina, Staff Writer & Featured Columnist October 21, 2014

Present any normal person with a pug or chihuahua or golden retriever and your ears are suddenly filled with "ooo"'s and "ahhh"'s and rather annoying puppy talk. On the other hand, present someone with...

The Silent Life

Mari Brown, Staff Writer & Featured Columnist October 19, 2014

Silence. Something I deal with everyday. But this type of silence is one where the outer world is muted and I can only hear my thoughts. I am deaf. No, I didn’t listen to music too loud when I was little...

Keep walking

Ella Hunt, Staff Writer & Featured Columnist October 16, 2014

sat on the cold bench in the blazing heat, the wind tickling my skin and drying my tears. Thoughts like, "maybe she didn't want me," or "I was too much of a burden," echoed in my mind. On an average day...

The Day I’ll Never Forget

Kelsey Campbell, Staff Writer & Featured Columnist October 11, 2014

Some days are clearer than others. Some days begin and end in such a hurry that they get lost among the pages of the thick hardback book of life. Others haunt your memory, forever occupying a section of...

Senior Brooke Stafford poses like Rosie the Riveter.

The F-Word

Lydia Sebany, Staff Writer & Featured Columnist October 6, 2014

Don’t be afraid, she doesn’t bite unless you do not want gender equality. She is not the aunt that doesn’t shave or wear a bra, nor is she the band of protestors that don’t take showers, and carry...

Think pink

Think pink

Suhina Chopra, Staff Writer October 2, 2014

Continued from Issue 1, Volume 69 of the Wildcat Tales My mom and I had just walked out of my orthodontist’s office. It was dark and cloudy outside as we sat in the car. Her phone went off. It was...

Graphic by Anna Villano.

Homecoming hullabaloo

Corey Picklesimer, Staff Writer & Featured Columnist September 25, 2014

Deeply rooted in high school culture is a tradition we call Homecoming. The purpose of Homecoming is for students from years past to return to and watch our Homecoming game. But for some reason, we teenagers...

5 lessons learned during senior year

Madea Neyor, Staff Writer June 6, 2014

1. It's only as much as you put into it.  From sports to extracurricular activities to homework, know this: its value is dependent on how much you put into it. This goes the same with all aspects of...

Reality check

Rachel Zhang, Staff Writer May 14, 2014

I am planning on majoring in business. Although when I was very little, I dreamed of becoming an artist and a writer. Then I learned everything an ordinary girl is supposed to learn from k-12. My world...

Thursday night thrill

Haley Samsel, Featured Columnist May 13, 2014

Every Thursday night, right after physics tutoring, I roll my windows down and pretend I’m someone else. I turn my fake indie pop music up until the song runs through my veins. The violent wind flips...

Kingdom of procrastination

Kingdom of procrastination

Priyanka Hardikar, Online Editor May 8, 2014

Self-sabotage. Something I fail to comprehend the purpose of. It just won’t add up in my head. Why would I intentionally hold myself back? And if unconsciously done, then I am even farther away from...

Longer lunch periods needed

Longer lunch periods needed

Brandon Gallerson, Journalism 1 Writer May 7, 2014

Since I arrived at Plano Senior, I have enjoyed switching from the normal 30 minute lunch to the extended 50 minute lunch. The great thing about the 50 minutes is that you don’t have to rush to eat your...

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