Mum-mazing mums


Photo by Yolanna Jotanovic

Seniors Marlei Dismuke, Colin Beaton and Abri Rhodes wear their mums for Homecoming last year.

Regan Munstedt, Opinion Editor

    The great tradition of mums epitomizes the saying that “everything is bigger in Texas.”

    The tradition of boys giving their homecoming dates a mum goes back as far as a century ago. However, in the 1970’s, mums began evolving from a simple, real chrysanthemum flower into what is seen today the huge, sparkly and loud spectacles that girls wear around their necks.

    The main appeal to the general population of girls is that mums are fun. The glitter-infested, loud and joyous mums are personalized to each individual girl, whether they buy it themselves or a date chooses it for them. Most anti-mum people claim that mums are expensive and good for nothing, but there should never be a price tag on tradition and fun.

    Mums even come in all price ranges. Opting to buy a mum from the experts at the Planoette Mum Shop gives mum enthusiasts the opportunity to choose from packages that range from $70 to $115 (not including add-ons). Planoette moms work in the shop and dedicate time to handcraft each mum and garter to perfection. Not only are students participating in one of the school’s longest standing traditions by buying a mum, but also contributing to the Planoettes at the same time.

    Students with smaller budgets, or a knack for art, often choose to make mums themselves. Ribbons and mum-making kits can be found at craft stores, and mum making parties are a great way to bond with friends or crafty mothers.

    These sometimes outrageous spectacles are true homage to the life of girls in high school. Through ribbons of music notes, chains of volleyballs or even a bell with a pig on it, mums are made to show what each individual student values. The maroon ribbons signify junior year, and the activities students managed to handle during the hardest year of school. However, the white and silver ribbons represent senior year, the year that forced students to transform into adults with the tough decisions of college, career decisions, and their futures in general.

    For one day a year, students are encouraged to express who they are through personalized mums, but are instead ridiculed by peers who have opposing viewpoints.  Mums encourage joy and self proclaimed silliness, something that the haters should realize and respect instead of degrading students who choose to buy them.


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