Best old, new horror movies for October


Martin Maguire

Sister Irene (Taissa Farminga) praying to keep evil spirits away from the abbey in The Nun. (photo by used with permission from New Line Cinema)

Avery Gregorash, A&E Editor

Films provide jump scares, plot twists for miles

With Halloween just around the corner horror movies are being watched throughout all of October and The Nun, The Conjuring and The Boy all scare up some fun.

The Nun, directed by Corin Hardy and produced by James Wan and Peter Safran, opened up in theaters on Sept 7. The movie is tied into the universe of The Conjuring. The audience finds this out in The Conjuring 2 and very early in The Nun. While The Nun was the most recent to come out in The Conjuring series it was technically the first movie in the timeline.

The movie takes place in an 1952 abandoned abbey in with a dark secret. When the last living nun in the abbey takes her life and a local villager who goes by the name Frenchie, played by Jonas Bloquet, finds her still bleeding after being dead for days the story begins.

Father Burke, played by Demián Bichir, and Sister Irene, played by Taissa Farmiga, are told by the Vatican to go with Frenchie to investigate the abbey and see why this may have happened.

As the movie progresses, the trio quickly realize there is nothing holy in this abbey.

When Sister Irene meets the other nuns they tell her how an evil spirit was released from the underworld and they could only keep it at bay if they pray. In the end it cuts to a clip of Lorraine and Ed Warren 20 years later showing their video to the class where it is seen that the Nun possessed Frenchie and The Conjuring movie would begin.

While The Conjuring series has always been a crowd favorite, The Nun was definitely not. The Nun relied very heavily on jump scares alone for their fear factor and did nothing else to try and scare the audience.

The plot was not very well thought out, it seemed very choppy and not as thought out as other movies in this series.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, The Nun was only rated four point five out of ten. While The Conjuring got a rating of seven point two out of ten. This drastic difference in ratings truly shows how The Nun did not do justice to The Conjuring universe.

The Conjuring, directed by James Wan and produced by Peter Safran, showed in theaters on July 19, 2013. This was the very first movie in The Conjuring universe. While this was in fact the first movie to come out. It is the fourth movie in the timeline of the universe.

The movie takes place in the year 1972 where Ed and Lorraine Warren, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, are well known for taking on some very unusual cases typically involving hauntings.

After speaking at a college they meet Carolyn Perron, played by Lili Taylor, who desperately needs their help. She and her family of five kids and her husband have bought a house that they believe is haunted. Hesitant to take on the case, after a recent incident with Lorraine, they reluctantly agree after feeling sorry for Carolyn and her family.

After many incidents in the house and hints that something unnatural is going on, they discover something horrible that has been living in the house for years. Many unnatural events take place in the house before the movie comes to an end.

The Conjuring is a classic horror movie. It has the right amount of jump scares, a good plot and had all the aspects of a good horror movie. According to Rotten Tomatoes 82 percent of audience members enjoyed the film, which is a very high number for a horror movie.

The Boy, directed by William Brent Bell, came to theaters Jan 20, 2016. This movie had no ties to any other horror movie and stands alone. Although many expect there will be a second movie due to the ominous cliffhanger at the end of the movie.

The Boy shows a young girl Greta, played by Lauren Cohan, who is running away to the UK to escape her dark past.

She gets a nanny job from an elderly couple, the Heelshire’s, played by Diana Hardcastle and Jim Norton. She is expecting to be babysitting a young boy named Brahms only to discover he is in fact a porcelain doll. The Heelshire’s leave and Greta casts the doll aside and ignores their requests to take care of him.

Very soon Greta begins to believe that the doll is alive, and she even gets the grocery man Malcolm, played by Rupert Evans, to believe it as well.

Then we discover Greta’s dark secret when her abusive ex Cole, played by Ben Robson, comes to the UK to win Greta back. The ‘doll’ tries to get rid of Cole, so he destroys the doll by throwing him against the wall shattering him. Then a big secret that has been plaguing the house for almost 20 years is discovered.

The Boy is very different from many other horror movies. The movie can be very predictable from time to time, but that’s the case for any horror movie. This one at least has a crazy plot twist that nobody expects.

The Boy changed the game for horror movies. While it may not be the best horror movie out there it is definitely different than any basic predictable horror movie viewers tend to see.